Table for Two #25: Raiders of the North Sea

Team Heather was very happy after the last episode, where her Shipwrights of the North Sea proved vastly superior to Phil’s mediocre craftsman. Coming into the game with a multiple runestone lead, Heather’s in a strong spot but we’ve all seen the incredible luck that can come Phil’s way. While there’s no obvious dice advantage, we’ve seen enough turnarounds to know that this was likely to still be one heck of a game. Will Team Heather prevail again?

Or will Team Phil pull up to 1-1?

This episode has it all! Great gameplay, plenty of salt, an apology from Phil for rules violations, a great game, AND introduction of a cute dog who didn’t care the intro was being shot, she/he wanted attention NOW!

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Table of Two: Raiders of the North Sea Playthrough

This Raiders of the North Sea playthrough is a great bit of entertainment watching our favorite couple playing a pretty incredible game.

About Raiders of the North Sea

This is an outstanding game and the second in the series. Shipwrights comes before this, and the trilogy ends on the third game of Explorers of the North Sea. A worker placement game at heart, it does a very good job keeping the mechanics simple but putting a nice, neat, original twist on mechanics many players are very familiar with.

What Phil & Heather Think

This game does a lot of great things, and is one of the few really long games that Phil and Heather both absolutely love and this is one of them. There is a lot going on, the game is a “table space hog” but it’s one where the mechanics are simple enough and interesting enough that they both love the game.

Everything else comes from placing a worker and taking a worker. This keeps things simple even as strategies play out with opposing players. This is one of their absolute favorite long-form games and you can tell they both enjoy playing it. Definitely worth the purchase, though keep in mind you want the other games and the expansion to get everything playing together at its best!

Phil’s Take

“Amazing game with amazing artwork. It’s a worker’s placement that is a little different in style than many other similar games, and is an outstanding long game that has easily become one of our favorites!”

Phil, very big fan of this game

This was a fantastic episode that has a great camera setup, displays the beautiful art extremely well, and gives a gameplay experience that lets you get a great feel for the game.

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