Table for Two #29: Horrified

Coming off the most adorable thumbnail yet (love it), and dealing with a cat that wants to mess with Phil’s glass of water while shooting, they manage to dive into playing Horrified, a board game that is fantastic and has received well deserved press.

This was a fun playthrough to watch, to see the mechanics work, and if you want your own copy of Horrified, click on this link to check up to date prices on Amazon.

It’s a very fun and interesting game and deserves the hype it has been receiving.

Horrified Boardgame Playthrough on YouTube

Take a look at this great Horrified Boardgame Playthrough. It’s another great episode to the series!

About Horrified, The Boardgame

Hitting all the nostalgia buttons, there’s a lot to like here. The action allowance is well balanced so you always wish you had just one more action, which is the signs of a well-designed game.

Focusing back on the old Hollywood horror movies and the days of old, the strategy here is great. The game does a good job of capturing the feeling of growing dread and terror as the game goes on and the monsters in play are stalking you.

Really cool game with a great setting and it’s taken off on social media and gaming groups. Sometimes this happens with a game and it’s a bit of a head scratcher but in this case Horrified is a family friendly horror-themed boardgame that gets the job done.

And it’s a great co-op boardgame to boot!

What Phil & Heather Think about Horrified

This is a good game. Even though they are not fans of horror movies, the game itself just goes well. The old campy horror theme is cool though it’s not necessarily their thing. That just makes the quality play of the game all the better since the nostalgia factor isn’t putting on the rose colored glasses in this case.

Great game with the really old school black and white horror monsters. Fun game to play, pretty easy to learn, and even without coming from the same fan space they can both see why this is so popular as a game and getting so much hype.

Phil’s Take

“This is just a really solid game. We love coop games and although it plays really differently, you can pick up on it quickly. The feeling and pacing of the game is fantastic and even though we’re not really from the fan base or background to get hit with the nostalgia bug. In a few turns you know what you’re doing and having fun doing it!”

Phil on Horrified

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