Table for Two #47: Age of War

A dice game that brings you into Medieval Japan where you act as a shogun commanding your armies of archers, swordsmen, cavalry, and samurai to conquer the various factions of Japanese warlords. This is a simple game that gives plenty of room to go in-depth with strategy when competing against another player one on one.

The dice are great, and while the box art might not indicate a really amazing and in-depth game, this game punches above its weight. A wonderful game with plenty of suspense, some strategy, and a dash of luck, it’s a surprisingly well thought out and put together game that will have you enjoying every moment rolling dice to gain control of Japan.

May the best shogunite warlord win!

Age of War was a delightful find and you can check for up to date pricing HERE!

Table for Two: Let’s Play Age of War

We were delighted to see how Age of War played and can se why Phil enjoyed it so much. We look forward to seeing it show up on our table for a future game night.

What Phil & Heather Think

A great fun little game. Heather makes a great point that it’s a lot more fun for her when Phil isn’t rolling very well, which is generally true with dice games in general when dealing with Phil, however this is a game that is easy to understand, easy to pick up the rules on, and offers plenty of strategy within the gameplay.

This wasn’t an original target, it was a game included in a box but it has provided some truly wonderful gaming experience, especially in watching Phil’s complete and utter ability to roll cavalry to close out a game.

Phil’s Take

Age of War is a surprise to me as I thought nothing of the tiny little box that I had never heard of before. Then we pulled it out and it is this simple little game that changes the Yahtzee mechanic in a fun way. From a game that would collect dust on a shelf to one that I will probably get out with the kids (it is that easy and straight forward). I am impressed.

Phil is impressed

Age of War is a really great looking game with smooth gameplay. I’m really surprised it escaped our radar before now, but it’s sure to be a normal part of the rotation going into the future.

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