Table for Two #40: Catapult Kingdoms

The first thing you notices is the heft of the catapult, ballista, and battering ram that come with the game. These are well made pieces that are designed to just smash the very lightweight stones and figures. Add in fish, beehives, and boulders and those small little pieces promise an enormous amount of fun and chaos to a game that is simple enough.

Definitely a competitive game, and one that is going to offer plenty of fun for the family.

This show has a lot of fun in it, the game has plenty of chaos, and gives a very different change of pace to your normal board game setup which is always great when looking for something new.

Catapult Kingdoms Playthrough

A great Let’s Play of Catapult Kingdoms on YouTube and this was a delightful episode that I know I enjoyed thoroughly!

About Catapult Kingdoms

Catapult Kingdoms is definitely game that sticks out. The pieces are extremely well made, the siege weapons have a surprising heft to them, and the detail work is good. A lot of care was put into these fantastic pieces, as you can see up close when you watch Phil’s Unboxing Video of Catapult Kingdoms (good way to get another REALLY up close look of this great game).

The game promises siege warfare, and it delivers. Castles are blasted, well-detailed pieces get hit and removed from the table, and there’s organized chaos in a small space.

In other words, it’s pretty great.

Last castle standing wins!

Phil’s Take

Catapult Kingdoms is exactly what it advertises itself as and some times that is needed. A simple game of destruction is always good. The bits of plastic are solidly built and will take lots and lots of abuse and will probably cause a large amount of arguments. It will hit the table a lot.

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