Table for Two #42: Century Eastern Mountains

Century Golem is a game we’ve been really big fans of, and the Table for Two of Phil and Heather playing the original was one of the most successful episodes of season one. They were excited to jump into this game and it did not disappoint!

So not much of an introduction here. The Century Golem games are awesome and if you loved the original you’ll enjoy seeing the Eastern Mountains interpretation of this great multiplayer game!

Century Golem Eastern Mountains Let’s Play

So please check out our favorite Century Golem Eastern Mountains playthrough with our favorite gaming couple.

If you’re looking for your own copy of Century Golem Eastern Mountains you can check current pricing by clicking on that link.

About Century Golem Edition Eastern Mountains

An updated take on the original Century Golem game, in Eastern Mountains you’re moving around a board to grab different spaces. This allows you to acquire or trade crystals to get the combinations you want and then exchange them for golems. This takes the card deck building mechanic from the first game and puts a more traditional board game resource management twist to it.

The goal is still the game: get those golems and pick up those victory points. But getting use to the mechanics can take a little bit of time.

Once you do, however, the gaming experience is definitely worth it and this is a game that we will be breaking out again in the future.

What Phil & Heather Think

There’s a lot to like here. It’s not quite as intuitive as the original game but the mechanics are easy to learn and once you play through a game or two you pretty much know what you’re doing.

Seeing everything laid out on the board really makes a difference when planning out your strategy as well as keeping track of what your opponents are doing, as well.

Phil’s Take

I really like the way they shifted the mechanics on this game. I’m not the strongest at deck building games but when the various areas of the board are laid out it helps me think, plan, and really enjoy the experience that Eastern Mountains has to offer.

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