Table for Two #1: Century: Golem

The first YouTube show ever put together by any of the Assorted Meeples. Artist extraordinaire and lone Mac fan of the group, Pheeeeiiillllll, aka Phil, tossed this out as an idea in early June and to be direct, we loved it. Phil and his lovely wife Heather are avid board game fans, have an awesomely chill vibe during even the most competitive of games.

The very first YouTube show was then their creation: “Table for Two” and features Century Golem. Century Golem is a great game that was actually one of the first ones we recorded as a large group (video here) and it was a great one. This was a fantastic game that was fun to play and easy to follow while filming, so it made a great first playthru for Phil and Heather.

Century: Golem is a combination of resource management and deck builder, and it’s one of those rare games that is a great large multiplayer game as well as an equally outstanding game for one-on-one play.

Introducing 2 Player Century: Golem Edition Playthrough!

This great 2-player Century Golem playthrough is a great first episode for their YouTube show.

We love this game at Assorted Meeples and it is sure to be one of the first ones back in rotation once we can consistently meet in person again.

Looking at Century Golem

Century Golem is a very fun and surprisingly strategic resource management & deck building board game. You are managing yellow, green, blue, and red crystals. These are used to buy the Golems at the top of the board. Golems can vary widely in value with ones requiring a mall amount of easy to get resources being worth as few as 6 points while expensive hard to get golems can be worth as many as 20 points.

Everybody starts with the same two cards that help them gather and upgrade resources. From there you look at grabbing cards that help you build your gem engine, grab cards you don’t want your opponents to get, and make adjustments based on which golems are appearing at the top. This keeps the game awesome and fresh even after dozens of games.

While players used to deck building with cards to create their “gem engine” have some advantages, and resource management game enthusiasts also have some advantages, neither is guaranteed a leg up in this game. There’s plenty of strategy abounding with just enough luck to keep it interesting and fresh.

This is a great versatile game that is easy for young children to learn and has enough to keep adult board game enthusiasts coming back for more.

Phil & Heather’s Thoughts on the Game

This is a favorite game of not only this adorable couple, but also the Assorted Meeples gaming group as a whole.

This is one of our favorites to break out for date night because the rules are simple, the strategy is clear, and it is one of the few board games that plays just as well for two of us as it does for multiple players. There’s some luck but lots of strategy, it’s not mentally taxing or overwhelming so it’s a great date night or relaxing game, and it’s just a good fun game. Very replayable.

Phil, also throwing in some great foreshadowing

Only downside: the moving gems are pretty loud. If they’re not careful, they might wake up the kiddos. Definitely a downside but more of a life situation rather than any criticism of the game itself!

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