Table for Two #14: Cobra Paw (Fingers of Fury)

Getting away from cards and dice, Cobra Paw is a great domino pattern match game that leads to short, fun, and entertaining to watch matches. Nicknaming the game “Fingers of Fury” isn’t much of an exaggeration. Upping the old card game “Slap Jack” you need fast fingers, a quick eye, and a willingness to jam your finger to get that extra portion of a second to claim a domino you need.

This is a game that has been a great equalizer in the Heather vs. Phil running totals of boardgames. Does that theme hold up during this episode or do things go hilariously (in Phil’s opinion) awry?

That’s some of the fun of this fantastic little game and wonderful episode of “Table for Two.”

Cobra Paw is definitely an interesting little game and one that fans of active board games or pattern recognition games will definitely appreciate.

This Cobra Paw playthrough is a lot of fun to watch, and I could see this definitely being a game I grab for the little nephews this Christmas.

About Fingers of Fury

The game is designed for players six years old and older. That said, there’s plenty of fun to be had here. The rules are super simple, but if you let your concentration slip you’re going to miss the pattern and lose.

Very fun game that is surprisingly active, and will cause plenty of thinking as everyone scrambles to find those symbols they know they just saw. There’s not a lot of in-depth strategy to playing Fingers of Fury, but it is a fun game that still requires plenty of attention and will leave you enjoying the action of the moment.

What Phil & Heather Think

One of Heather’s favorites, this game is an equalizer in dealing with Phil and lets her play to a strength of pattern recognition. This is one that is simple to play, to watch, but delivers a satisfying experience on both counts. Plus it gets Phil away from dice.

Phil’s Take

My God, this game is great! So simple, but the rules work so well. The rules caused him to just about die laughing. The game has very little theme, but the rules really brought it together to be a ridiculously fun experience. Ninja & cat gag just works. Goofy kids’ game that is so much fun for adults.


This is a great game and another fun episode to watch.

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