Table for Two #4: Deblockle

Deblockle was a game that instantly caught my attention when Phil described it, because games that fall under the “chess-like” category that actually deliver are pretty far and few between. While the description of “chess-like” can be thrown around. This is a simple strategy game that is easy to pick up, has a small amount of luck involved, but also uses that simple setup to create some complex strategy that somehow doesn’t completely burn out the brain.

In other words, Deblockle is the type of 2 player boardgame that many couples are going to find as a perfect game to bond over. Especially when both work.

This is a really outstanding game, and an outstanding game leads to a really great YouTube episode of Table for Two!

Deblockle is the type of compact game that is a LOT of fun, has enough strategy to be re-playable, and is a great addition to the game cabinet for any couple.

One of the really charming things about this Deblockle Playthrough is the ability to Phil and Heather to chat about past games, why they ditched the box, strategies in the current game, and other situations all while playing. It shows some of the major charm of this game and the ability to have fun, bond, and just discuss the day without having to drain too much of the brain power.

About Deblockle

Deblockle is a great little game that actually has a simple but surprisingly good little website that talks about Deblockle the game itself, Deblockle strategies, and even some on the inventor. This is a neat little resource that tells an incredibly interesting story of how the game tried to be. The inventor of Deblockle, Joshua Sellers, who is based out of Austin, Texas and started with puzzles based on creating an escape room.

So yeah, that’s a lot of awesome impressive details surrounding a little game.

Which is appropriate for a game that is small, short, and quick yet remarkable board game.

What Phil Thinks of Deblockle

Deblockle is…murder, really. Not just moving but having to roll the side up before taking the action on the dice. Trying to make things go where you want them to go is just horrible and hammers you. Heather will just sit and do combinations for a while, and it just makes you think and plan on what you are really doing. Straight up blocking is not the best strategy.

Phil, with a slightly traumatized sounding voice recalling the games Heather trounced him in

This is a great little game and one of the few that even bigger multi-player gamers like Braden and Shane are looking at picking up for their collection.

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