Table for Two #35: Dice Forge Featuring Dicey McDiceFace

There are dice games and then there are dice games. Then there’s Dice Forge which is an amazing game that takes a very innovative approach to adding a versatility, excitement, and replay value to a boardgame that the majority of even good dice games don’t have. How do they do it? By making the main point of the game changing and upgrading your dice.

If you’re first response was “Wait, huh?”

Yup, this is the game where you actually change the faces of the die as you play, roll, gather resources and customize your dice to suit your needs and your playing style. This leads to some pretty incredible games, interesting strategic decisions, and awesome gameplay that can be radically different from one game to another.

Dice Forge is a great game and a favorite among many of us in the group. If you’ve never played this or watched a playthrough, then you’re in for a treat!

Make sure to check out this fantastic Dice Forge playthrough with our favorite gaming couple!

About Dice Forge

This is a fantastic game that you can tell had a lot of design testing go into it. The idea of a dice game where it’s the dice that are changing leads to so many interesting situations and often a rush in multiplayer games for crucial resources that otherwise will become unavailable.

This is an interesting twist and having a great board, solid mechanics, and the ability to plan to roll on your luck (or build up against your bad luck) makes this a really enjoyable game that you will want to play again and again.

What Phil & Heather Think

Phil is a huge fan of this game. The design is fantastic, the ability to keep changing the faces of the die is incredibly innovative. This is a fun game that will play out in so many different ways

Phil’s Take

Has the best inlay box design of any game I’ve ever seen. Fun game that stays very entertaining because there are always different ways to carve out your strategy based on what the table is doing. A lot of fun with two players and a blast with even more.

If this game looks interesting to you (and it is a blast) then you may want to take a look at buying your own copy on Amazon.

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