Table for Two #6 Dice Throne

I always love it when I can see a two person playthrough of one of my favorite multi-player boardgames. Dice Throne is an absolutely awesome boardgame that adds an amazing amount of strategy to a dice game so even if you’re not constantly rolling ones or sixes you can still compete. Dice Throne proudly describes itself as “Battle Yahtzee.”

Yes, Phil is making Heather play another dice game. If you’re first thought was “Not Fair!” you are not alone.

But the characters in Dice Throne matter, as do the order in which you roll certain combinations of dice, how you invest your points, and what cards you draw. This means even against a gamer like Phil who has clearly made a deal with a dice devil, us mere mortals have hope.

Dice Throne is an amazing game and honestly one of my favorites. I (Shane) had only played multiplayer of 4-5 players or more so I was really curious to see how the game played one on one, and this episode didn’t disappoint!

This 2-player Dice Throne playthrough was one of their best episodes of Table for Two yet, and one that you will definitely want to watch to the very last move. Thrilling game, great game, and with Heather playing her favorite character (the Huntress), against Phil the Vampire Lord (insert obvious blood-sucker joke right here).

About Game

Dice Throne is a fantastic game that started off with only 8 characters. What’s interesting about this is when you buy the game you get the complete game with two characters. Additional characters can be ordered from the company and as of this writing they are up to an impressive 14.

Each character plays a very different type of game and makes for a really interesting game whether one on one or with a group of gamers competing to be the last one standing. This is a great addition to any gamer’s collection.

Just a few of the easy to buy Dice Throne character combos from Amazon include:

What Phil & Heather Think

“Battle Yahtzee” is a great description. This allows you a wide array of rolls that help out whether 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, straights, or even 3+1 or other combinations on the board. This is an entertaining game because there are so many characters, each with their own abilities, story, and mechanics. This is a great game that combines chance and strategy very well, even before adding in the different abilities available to each character.

Heather absolutely loves nerding out over how cool the character make up is. Every single die is different, every card is customized in art and story to the character you’re playing, creating a great feeling and aesthetic for each character. The artwork is amazing on the playing mats that come with each character.

Phil’s Take

Dice Throne is battle Yahtzee. What more do I need to say? The amount of change just by switching to different characters makes it such a different game. Even the same characters can progress in different ways each game because you won’t recycle the entire deck. So many different rolls result in different positive actions and there’s a story being told through the rolls.

Phil, who this time is not wrong

Dice Throne is one of our favorite games and one that gets a great response from the table every time we sit down and break it out.

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