Table for Two #15: Dragon Castle

Look, we here at Assorted Meeples are all about Dragons’s rights to decent housing and caves are so Middle Earth. Why not spice up a Mejong game with building a fine castle worthy of our new Dragon Overlords?

Dragons deserve nice homes, too!

This is an interesting game that takes a fun but basic game like Mejong and adds a little extra spice in a way that enhances gameplay instead of distracting from it. That’s a great combination and it leads to a really fascinating game that makes for a great watch, as well!

Dragon Castle was a game that Phil was eyeing at his last visit to Gen Con and his experience with playing it and watching it played was enough to convince him to grab

This is not only a great episode of Table for Two but it is also an outstanding Dragon Castle playthrough.

About Dragon Castle

Dragon Castle is absolutely based on the classic Asian game of Mejong. The rules are a minor twist off of those rules so if you’re familiar with Mejong or similar games you do have a little bit of an advantage going into it.

The twist comes with building your own castle. Taking those pairs isn’t the whole game, but you’re also trying to get matching 4 of a kind patterns in order to build a superior castle to the side.

The extra actions on this part of the game relate to you building shrines or other point generating pieces for your “perfect castle” up to your side. This is a great game for people who love Mejong, and adds enough to make fans even of those players who are generally indifferent to it.

What Phil & Heather Think

Really fun take on the traditional Mejong game and those extra little add-ons can make all the difference here if you enjoy the idea of Mejong but just want a little bit more.

Phil’s Take

Went into Gen Con wanting to try it. By same guys who make Railroad Ink, “Horrible Games” Italian Company. Known for a variety of amazing games and this one doesn’t disappoint. Like Mejong, but now with building your own castle. A small twist on a classic game that really brings it to the next level as a good 2-player game. There’s a really great gaming atmosphere as the push and pull of trying to block them while you build yourself up creates amazing game tension.


If you love this style of game this is a game (and an episode) that you should enjoy!

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