Table for Two #41: Dragonwood

Who doesn’t like going on a dragon hunt every so often? This is the beginning of the board game Dragonwood, one that Phil found on clearance and has been laughing about how good a deal he’s gotten ever since. This is a game both Heather and Phil enjoy as they work as competing adventurers looking to go out and trap some dragons.

You compete with the other players as you capture monsters, magical artifacts, and of course those super hard to grab dragons. When the Blue and Orange Dragons have been captured, or the deck has been gone through twice, the game over and may the better hunter/trapper/adventurer win!

If you love what you see and want a copy of this game for yourself, check current prices here!

Without further ado, here’s our favorite gaming couple of Heather and Phil competing as dragon slayers in this week’s Let’s Play of Dragonwood.

Dragonwood Let’s Play Video

So what are you waiting for? Please check out this fantastic Dragonwood playthrough from our favorite gaming couple!

About Dragonwood the Board Game

This is a really great board game focusing on the use of cards and the smart use of your hand. Knowing what cards to play, what dice to roll, and how to manage what you have (and when to take risks) will really determine the outcome of the game. This is a really neat setup that combines cards and dice together and a game that they would highly recommend for others.

You can find the full online rules for Dragonwood by following that link to a PDF.

Phil’s Take

This was a great purchase. It’s a really fun game that offers a lot of fun and value for what I paid for it and one of the best clearance shelf purchases I’ve made. Very enjoyable game that plays differently and I want a rematch!

If this looks interesting to you, then consider buying your own copy through that Amazon affiliate link to help support our channel. We appreciate it and thank you for coming to check us out. Happy gaming!

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