Table for Two #39: Element

Element is a delightful style of game that often produces some of the best styles of previous Table for Two episodes that we have enjoyed. This game is simple in rules and execution, but loaded with thinking and strategy. That’s a great combination that leads to a game that’s easy to follow, that clearly is engaging with both players, and a good addition to most gaming closets.

What more could you ask for?

What’s that? A demonstration from our favorite married gamer couple? I think we can manage that…

Let’s Play Element on Table for Two

This is a great little Let’s Play of Element the Board Game from our favorite gaming couple on YouTube!

About Element the Board Game

Element is simple, it’s a lot of fun, and it spirals quickly to super simple starting positions to so many potential openings that bring in a stunning amount of strategy into a game that starts out looking and feeling so simple. Phil can see why this game was so popular at Gen Con and after a recent gift card at Christmas he bought it and has been hooked.

This is a great episode that shows that energy and concentration can co-exist in a game and Element allows you to bring both to the table in a really great board game.

Phil’s Take on Element

This is another really simple rules game that pushes what you can do with it. Like Chess, Go, or more modern Onitama you are changing the landscape of the board to capture your opponent while keeping yourself safe and you are doing this with blind draws from a bag of the mixed elements. It will be staying on our shelf.

This is one that I know several of the other Meeples have already decided to add to their game list, as well.

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