Table for Two S3E7: Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is the kind of dark and messed up kind of game that brings out the best in everyone. There are tickets for everyone but 1 person playing to die a horrible death by kitten. That is it you are playing Russian Roulette with your friends and don’t have the messy bits of clean up afterward. If that has you interested please read on for your education and entertainment.

Heather is the one who brought this game home and I do have to admit that I was disappointed in her as we don’t really play party games as we don’t host large game nights on the regular. This game then proceeded to clutter up my board game shelves in it’s little box. We finally broke the shrink wrap and turns out, there is a fine little game here.

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Kitties with grenades!

How to play Exploding Kittens

First figure out the number of players. Then add that many exploding kitten cards to the deck minus 1. Everyone starts with 1 defuse card. Shuffle the deck together minus the kitties, deal five cards so everyone has 6 total cards.

Now you add the kitties randomly to the bottom half of the deck.

The starting player then plays how ever many cards they wish to play from their hand, when they are done playing cards they draw the top card of the deck.

If it is an exploding kitten, they are out of the game unless they use their defuse card to put it down further in the deck or on top.

If it is any other type of card put it into your hand. Play moves to the next player.

Go around the table taking turns till only 1 player is left in the game.

What Phil & Heather Think

This game creates suspense in a great way. That card on top of the deck may me the last card you get to draw and it is fantastic. We were pleasantly surprised at how well the game translated to just 2 players, and with 2 players turns come back around extremely quickly. The game has a dark sense of humor since they are basically translating Russian Roulette into a card game but it is done in a fantastic way.

Phil’s Take

Dark humor is one of my favorite types of humor and this game has it in spades!

Phillip, laughing at the noose

Go here for the full playthrough of Exploding Kittens on Phillip and Heather’s Table for Two.

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