Table for Two #3: Here to Slay

The title of the third episode of Table for Two says it all: Heather tolerates Phil’s fanboying. You can tell from the beginning that Phil is really nerding out big time and Heather looks on with bemusement. It’s a promising start to what ends up being another great episode of the YouTube show “Table for Two” with Phil and Heather.

Phil starts up fully admitting that he went so far as creating his own player boards, nerding out big time over this game as he watched it early on from development, and his excited rush to get this game and dive into it. You can tell Phil was all gung-ho about what this game had to offer and Heather often looked patiently amused but was a great sport as they played a great game and Phil commented on amazing art work after amazing art work.

Here to Slay ended up being a fantastic choice for Table for Two.

There aren’t very many Here to Slay Playthroughs on YouTube so make sure to catch this one and enjoy it!

About Here to Slay

Here to Slay uses a combination of hero cards, monster cards, dice, and more to put together a lot of strategy with a little bit of luck. Made by Unstable Unicorns this game is in the same vein as Munchkin (which we played during stream night before) and is heavy interaction as two players go against one another head to head.

This can play for more than two players and adds even more dynamics in a larger group and it is probably better at 4 players than 2 but it still works for the right two people who enjoy playing these types of games in all their forms.

What Phil & Heather Think

Heather isn’t as big a fan of this game as others, but she’s also not as into the “many moving pieces” strategy games that Phil has gotten used to when playing with the group. However, the game is extremely well put together, and she is more than happy to let Phil go on with his major fanboying.

Phil’s Take:

Here to Slay is a very Munchkin-esque type of “Take That!” game. One of the nicest thing about Here to Slay is that it doesn’t rely on the nerd culture and pop culture references the way Munchkin often does to enjoy it. This is a heavy interaction game between players and I feel that it takes the best of Munchkin and creates gameplay that does that well while avoiding the pitfalls. Much better as a two player game, in my opinion.

Phil, Assorted Meeple and Lord of the Dice (usually)

This is a quality game for strategy enthusiasts and one that is definitely worth adding to the set. Hope you enjoyed the episode!

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