Table for Two #27: Hidden Leaders

While we would like to believe that every episode of Table for Two is an absolute treat, sometimes you even get something a little bit extra. Today Phil and Heather are trying out a print and play game from BFF games. This is an early version of “Hidden Leaders.” This is the color version of the black and white print and play that is widely available. The Kickstarter for the color version kicks off in March (Phil believes) so we get an early preview of a new game coming out – so this should be great!

Heather’s good-natured laughing and making fun of Phil’s fanboying is great, but it also goes to show an appreciation for how much he cares for his games and goes the extra mile to make a reliable playable version (lamination – you go, dude).

Hidden Leaders is about to head into, or currently in (depending on when you read this) Kickstarter mode.

Really exciting to see this Hidden Leaders playthrough on YouTube to get an early look at just how this cool card game plays.

About Hidden Leaders

Looking at the game, this doesn’t play like an Alpha. This plays like a really well polished and designed games, and the mechanics are absolutely fabulous. When you have a game where the rules are easy to grasp and jump onto yet you create a really dynamic and interesting set of mechanics, then you are definitely on to something.

Tentatively the official Kickstarter is slated for March, and we strongly encourage anyone who likes this episode to support the game development and check in on what they’re doing.

This is a cool little game already and we want to thank them for the early access to play test it and be able to give a good showing of what it has to offer for anyone who wants to further support the development.

What Phil & Heather Think

Heather makes the comment that at first Hidden Leaders intimidated her a bit because it looked complicated. But as she played the game it actually played really well and she was able to catch on without too many problems. The strategy comes with the various cards you have hidden but the actual mechanics are easy to figure out.

Phil caught on quickly as well, and he loves the dynamics of this game. The gameplay goes smoothly, especially for a first playthrough on this one. They are both looking forward to playing this a few more times and see how it works even better now that they know how it plays.

Phil’s Take

Really interesting how there is no direct conflict, but the mechanics work so you’re using the cards to manipulate the pieces on the board. Instead of going for a straight power grab you are controlling things in the background to advance your side. This creates some really cool mechanics


This is a pretty good play through, and honestly I’m kind of hungry to see another playthrough. This will be a really fun game to keep an eye on, and I’ll have to take a look at that Kickstarter page myself now!

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