Table for Two #45: King of Tokyo

Who doesn’t love it when a series of mega monsters meet for what all mega monsters love: smashing the utter crap out of the city known as Tokyo? King of Tokyo is one of our favorite board games to bust out during game night both on and off camera. While Phil’s dice luck can make this infuriating in so many ways, it’s just a fun game and with enough players it’s a lot of chaos that can go in any direction.

King of Tokyo is one of our favorite games in this group, despite Phil’s deal with the devil when it comes to rolling dice, we not only love it now but we’re going to continue to bring this game out many more times in the future, as well.

Table for Two Let’s Play: King of Tokyo

Hope you enjoy this Let’s Play of King of Tokyo, along with the commonly used home rule adjustment to “fix” the two player mode!

About King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo is a wildly popular game and honestly I’d be stunned if you haven’t heard of it by now. This is a game that has no shortage of positive reviews or fans and if you haven’t seen it on our channel before now, be assured you will see it many, many times in the future!

What Phil & Heather Think

While Heather’s comment at the beginning of the video: “Well, we’ll try to play this game,” sums up dealing with Phil in any dice game, it is a pretty funny experience.

King of Tokyo is actually really fun at 2 players as it really changes the dynamic of the game and got me from hiding out in the suburbs milking all the points I can while avoiding damage to really battling for the city and cards that were helpful.

Phil’s Take

This is one of the ultimate dice games out there. What else is there to say? Amazing cards, amazing dice, and just a great overall game that we love to break out on the table. Oh, and always keep the 3’s. They’re easy to roll!

Shut up, Phil

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