Table for Two S3E3: Lacorsa

I was specifically targeted by an ad marketing algorithm and his life is all the better for it. I don’t get into poker or blackjack at all, keeping track of the cards in my head doesn’t interest me at all. This game has changed that as I am glad I spent the money and bought from this indie game designer.

Lacorsa is not about racing around a course, it is about jockeying for position and when to do it so that you can keep it.

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Jockey for position in Lacorsa.

About Lacorsa

Lacorsa strips away the elements most racing games focus on the full race. Instead it highlights in a minimalist style where the action is: the passing of cars as they jockey for position.

You have a hand of 13 cards per car (up to six can play), to start the race you will choose one card, revealing at the same time to see who has the pole position (start of race order). Discard that card.

Starting with the person in last you try to pass up to two people by selecting a card, putting it on the top of your hand, and revealing at the same time as the person you are trying to pass.

If you are higher, you pass them, if you are equal to or less then, your turn is over and it is the next car in front of you. If you are passed that round you do not get a direct turn.

The race is over when on player runs out of cards, the lap(turn) is played out fully to the lap leader.

What Phil & Heather Think

Lacorsa is how game design is supposed to be done. There is no extra components to just be there, the track and the cars are not needed but add so much with the thought and execution of their design. I can play this game against my kids and they fully understand the rules, I could play this against seasoned poker players and lose, but in each case it would be a challenge for all players at the table.

Phil’s Take

When I eventually bring a game to market, Lacorsa’s design and execution will challenge me to reduce it further, to produce it at higher quality, and make it playable from very young to very old. This game should have more attention then it is currently getting.

Phillip, aspiring game designer

Click here for the full Lacorsa Let’s Play Video.

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