Table for Two S3E2: My Little Scythe

My Little Scythe is one of the best reductions of a game from heavy crunchy planning strategy game to adorable kids planning games. If you offered me this or Scythe, I would pick this one pretty much every time with any group.

The game has all of the good points of Scythe, with its own unique spin, and gets rid of the denseness that many gamers don’t like about the original.

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An adorable version of the Hunger Games?

About My Little Scythe

In My Little Scythe you choose an animal kingdom to play as to collect four trophies first. You can get a trophy 8 ways: deliver 4 apples/gems to the castle in the middle, getting 8 friendship/pies, completing 2 quests, upgrading 2 times, winning a pie fight, collecting 3 spells.

On your turn you are going to choose from 3 main actions with 6 actions total. You can move to gather resources; you can seek out resources that are rolled on the dice and added to the different biomes on the map; or you can make pies, spells, or upgrades using the resources that are in a space occupied by one of your people.

What Phil & Heather Think

In taking the two boards where you always took the top action and could take the bottom action if you had the ability/recourses to and combining them into one streamlined set of actions, it took the confusion away for Heather.

It also makes planning your game out better as well. The resource generating dice also add a bit of randomness that is needed to keep the game from being just a mechanical plan.

Phil’s Take

This game would be on my short list of games to save during the fire. Not that I don’t like Scythe but this sets out in 5 minutes and played in 20, that is a win for my family. A good stepping stone in to the heavier strategy world if that is where you are going in the gaming hobby.

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