Table for Two S3E10: My Little Scythe Rematch

If you watched the first game, it was over almost before it started and one player was not happy with the results. Proffering a weapon the loser demanded a rematch and the first recording to be burned and then deleted from existence. The challenge was accepted but the first recording was kept as it was a fun game.

My Little Scythe is a great reduction of the regular Scythe to a streamlined little machine that requires you to plan your turns well into the future to the best of your abilities to complete 4 goals first that range from delivering things, to fighting, to being nice.

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I should have known better!

How to Play My Little Scythe

My Little Scythe is played just like the adult game. You have 6 options in three different category.

First is your move option where you can move each of your two workers each 2 squares, or 1 square dragging all the resources with you.

Second is seeking, it gives you 2 different resource generating options, 1 gives you 2 dice for apples, and the other 2 dice for gems. You roll the dice and place them in the coordinated colors on the board. Like the base, you don’t own the resources unless you are standing on them.

Finally is the make ability where you take resources in your possession to make pies for fights, and upgrade your move action or your make option.

You are again trying to be the first to 4 trophies. You can get a trophy 8 ways: deliver 4 apples/gems to the castle in the middle, getting 8 friendship/pies, completing 2 quests, upgrading 2 times, winning a pie fight, collecting 3 spells.

What Phil & Heather Think

This game has made it on to our 10 by 10 challenge for the year and it is safe to say that it is going to stay for a long while. The streamlined and less confusing action selection part draws us back in for another game. Those things with a 20-40 minute play time brings Heather to the table happily. The artwork is adorable draws the theme into it. You can clearly see the influence of the Scythe artwork as well as My Little Pony as well. Such a gem of a game.

I like that it is easy to learn, quick to play, and adorable artwork that draws you into playing!

Heather, married to a board gamer and along for the ride

You can watch the full rematch gameplay of My Little Scythe on Table for Two.

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