Table for Two S3E4: Outfoxed

Outfoxed is kids game from Gamewright games that for a simple game that hits the table and plays quick is really fun for adults as well. I was gifted this game from my brother and it did not disappoint with my kids or Heather and I.

Outfoxed! is a cooperative game where you are trying to find the fox responsible for stealing a pie.

I am constantly amazed at how many kids games are great fun for adults once you get past the “kids” part of the game. Yes it will be simpler and shorter but it will encourage being active through the whole game.

Pick up a copy of Outfoxed for yourself and support your Meeples at the same time.

Phillip and Heather put kids to bed and play a game from their shelf

How to play Outfoxed!

In Outfoxed! you are playing the part of a chicken detective on the case of a missing pie. Every suspect is a fox, which there are 16 in this town.

On your turn you are going to call out what you are trying to do, either roll for paw prints looking for clues or eyes looking for suspects. You get 3 rerolls to get all 3 dice showing either paws or eyes. Paw prints are either double or single but both quilify.

If you go for suspects, you flip over two suspect cards around the border of the game board for everyone to see.

If you go for clues, you move your piece as many squares as your rolled paw prints and if you make it to a clue marker you get to put a clue on the clue finder and remove suspects that are not wearing that particular item of clothing.

You only get 1 try at catching the guilty culprit, if you are wrong, you lose.

If you don’t get the dice to match up with what you are rolling for the fox moves spaces along the track closer to his den. If the fox makes it to his den, you lose.

Good luck catching that wily fox.

What Phil & Heather Think

If you max out the hardness of the game and play it by the rules, this is a a very tension filled game as the dice may just prove to be your undoing no matter what you try to do.

Phil’s Take

Age range be damned! I will play Outfoxed! and have fun doing it. As a side note my dice luck makes it rather easy to win.

Phil, a case study for statistical anomalies

You can watch Phillip and Heather’s full gameplay of Outfoxed!

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