Table for Two #36: Raccoon Tycoon

Raccoons are mega capitalists. Who knew? All this time I thought they just wanted the scraps, but they were knocking over trash cans looking for the next big flip! Or something to that effect. Raccoon Tycoon is a cute little resource collection and development game that feels like a combination of Stone Age and Monopoly, this is a great little market game that packs plenty of strategy into a relatively small and easy to understand game setup.

Those are some of the favorites of Phil and raccoon Tycoon seems to fit that role very nicely. In fact, to the point where this game has apparently made Phil’s short list of games that are going to hit the regular rotation.

If this game turns out to look like your thing, don’t forget to pick up your own copy at Amazon!

Let’s Play: Raccoon Tycoon

Hope you enjoy this Let’s Play Video of Raccoon Tycoon with our favorite gaming couple!

About Raccoon Tycoon

At first glance Racoon Tycoon looks really busy. This is true, but it also is surprisingly simple to pick up on and has compact gameplay.

It takes great train games and distills them down into a simple economic engine builder to crush your oppenents into the dirt as you propel your company and Astoria (the land of the game) into the next Gilded Age that is upon you.

5 actions is all you can choose between but balancing your actions to not get burned by your rival players is harder then it seems.

What Phil & Heather Think

Phil’s Take

I look forward to playing this game more in the future as we get fully settled into the new house. It jumped up my play list after our game.

This is far different than Ticket to Ride, it’s a wonderful boardgame that combines a railroad tycoon feeling along with hybrid of Monopoly and together comes out with a really cool little game with interesting mechanics and awesome graphics.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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