Table for Two #46: Railroad Ink (Kickstarter Backed Edition)

Anyone who is a fan of print and play games like our Mr. Phil has experience with Railroad Ink. This is a delightful little game, one that Phil had already taken the extra step of making laminated copies of when he first brought it to the group. It was well designed, different enough to stick out, and offered a lot of different ways to try and do what you wanted to do.

This is a game that has appeared on our Twitch stream and YouTube channel before, and almost certainly will again. Phil and Heather are checking out the new advancements and changes to the game and give their thought in this short but sweet playthrough.

Check here for up to date pricing on the new improved Railroad Ink.

Railroad Ink: The Improved Kickstarter Version

This Let’s Play of Railroad Ink is a great full realization of the dream that was started with the original print and play version of this game.

About Railroad Ink

What else is there to say? Roll the dice, look at the new ways to score, put together the best possible routes to see who gets the most points. It’s a wonderfully simple and fun game that leaves plenty of room for some serious thinking and strategy. A great game that was originally print and play and has continued to move forward into its full form.

What Phil & Heather Think

Railroad Ink Challenge lived up to the name on the box as the new dice and the new mechanics forces you to change and rework you tried and true system in the original that I love so much. This turns up the heat and makes you do the 1000 piece puzzle when you are used to the 300 piece ones.

A very good rendition and modification of the base game.

Phil’s Take

Great adaptation that we enjoy quite a bit. A bit more brain power than we’re used to from the original, but it has all the fun and creativity of the original design that we love.

Phil’s take on the new Railroad Ink

We hope you enjoyed this episode and look forward to more in the future!

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