Table for Two #34: Rolling Ranch

Rolling Ranch brings back a genre that Phil has a particular way of finding good games: the roll and write. Rolling Ranch is a game that got his attention apparently from a Facebook ad and he was intrigued enough to give it a good look. The result was a quick purchase, possibly a lecture about the family budget, and another good game added to the collection.

Now Heather and Phil play “Rolling Ranch” and you get an early look at a game that doesn’t have too many playthroughs out there. Really cool mats, interesting colored dice, and our favorite gaming couple going at it once again.

What more could you ask for on a Wednesday?

You can get your own copy of Rolling Ranch from Amazon.

So why not check out this awesome Rolling Ranch playthrough with our favorite gaming couple?

About Rolling Ranch

Rolling Ranch is a good roll and write game (we’re sensing a pattern with Phil loving these types of games :D) where you have to really focus what you are doing the whole game. Each roll of the dice will bring you closer to the end of the game, no matter what.

There is no “extra round at the end. The game ends when one or more players fill in their last pen space. With this in mind, from the beginning you have to really think through your decisions as to how you are going to use the dice.

Follow this link for the full rules:

What Phil & Heather Think

Phillip was won over by this roll and write because it hits an itch he has for games: simple mechanics that are easy to learn yet allow for a surprising amount of depth when it comes to strategy.

The game is compact and solid, and is one of those that is easy to carry while traveling or on vacation. It’s not the same as Railroad Ink but it is in the same genre and produces a great gaming experience that he does enjoy.

Phil’s Take

Another game that manages to work with simple rules but deep gameplay when it is all working together, and generally it does work together really, really well.

Phil loves his roll and writes!

After this great playthrough if you want a copy for yourself, feel free to buy a copy here!

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