Table for Two #2: Sagrada

Sagrada is an intriguing game that doesn’t follow the same type of rules that most dice games do. Each round has dice that go back and forth between players who are attempting to use a combination of certain numbers and colors to create “stained glass windows” out of their dice that fit the patterns they have.

There are public bonuses that each player can go for to increase their point total while each player also has their own secret bonus that only they know about until reveal at the end of the game. Dice must be carefully placed to maximize points and bonus while making sure not to cut off future necessary placements of the die.

This is an interesting back and forth game, and if you have to play Phil in a dice game – this isn’t the worse option. A great choice for the second episode of Table for Two.

The second Table for Two is a great Sagrada match, and this Sagrada playthrough on YouTube is a solid introduction to the game that really displays the back and forth that takes place with this game.

What Phil Thinks of Sagrada

This is a game that I have a real love/hate relationship with because it’s a puzzle game. Trying to fit everything in within the boundaries of the rules while also juggling possible bonus points is an interesting challenge. You’d think you’d hate draft more, but you spend so much time just trying to make your own window work that you really don’t pay attention to what your opponent is doing.

Phil of Assorted Meeples, and known Dice Demon

This game is an interesting challenge, and the rules and setup can really throw a wrench into things. A couple of bad rolls at the end and being careful might not be enough. You need to play your best and hope the dice you need at that moment come up. Evens the playing field for dice rollers of all luck levels.

Expansions Available

There are expansions of this game available which come with the original as well as what’s needed to expand to five or six players. This can be a very different game once you go multiplayer but as a two player game option it is an excellent choice to move through the rotation and one that is definitely worth checking out.

Let us know what you think of the game, any stories you have, and enjoy this episode of Table for Two!

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