Table for Two #17: Santorini

Santorini is a deceptively simple game that forces you to think multiple moves ahead to avoid catastrophe (it’s very chess-like in this respect). Borrowing on a bit of Greek mythology and the legendarily beautiful Greek island famous for pure white buildings with dark blue domes (Google it to feed your travel itch). These beautiful buildings are the inspiration for many a travel blogger, early travel books, and now a wonderful Greek-themed boardgame.

Santorini is a great little game and you can get it for two player or multiplayer here on Amazon to try it yourself!

This Santorini playthrough is a great watch and gives a very good look at some of the intense thinking and strategy that goes into building on what looks like (at first glance) a simple game.

About Santorini

This game is simple, easy to play, yet the planning to avoid giving the game away to your opponent is pretty amazing. Like chess, this is a relatively simple game based on rules/setup that has endless layers of strategy when it comes to actual gameplay. Santorini works wonders as a two player game and is an excellent addition to the cabinent.

Simple rules, easy to play, and yet with intense strategy as you play the other player staring at you from across the table, this is a great little game that delivers in a big way.

What Phil & Heather Think

This is a popular game for the rotation because the rules are easy to understand, the strategy is simple yet challenging, and the thinking is based on what we’re doing and not trying to wrap around the rules or mechanics of the game.

Phil’s Take

Fabulous. 5 x 5 grid and slugging it out to murder each other. Reach top, simple, 3-D chess-like game that is challenging and has players constantly engaging one another. The rules are simple but the gameplay is absolutely amazing.

Phil with an unusually succinct summary

There’s a lot to love about this simple but challenging two player boardgame. There is also a multi-player version but this is a game that is heavily focused on bringing all the fun at two players and it works very well.

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