Table for Two #10: Spirits for the Wild

Spirts of the Wild is from long-time toy manufacturer Matel, who has put a strong showing in the board game arena in recent years. This is specifically a two player game that focuses on creating a great boardgame experience for any couple or two players looking for that all too often hard to find great two person game.

The spirits of the animals each have their own powers and depending on what the player needs, they may choose to use one of their limited stones to call on the bird, the buffalo, or whatever other forest animal spirits are at their disposal. Find your animal allies, watch how the spirits move for your opponent, and always be wary of that trickster coyote.

Spirits of the Wild (linked to Amazon) is a very intriguing game that looks complex but is actually quite easy to learn, has great replay value, and provides a wonderful game playing experience that is a unique break from the majority of board games.

This episode is not just another great episode of Table for Two, but it’s also a fantastic Spirits of the Wild playthrough that can help you decide whether this game is for you or not.

What Phil & Heather Think of Spirits of the Wild

Phil is going to absolutely nerd out on the insert. Heather humors him, as do we all, but this is a very well organized board game setup that makes taking out the game and packing it away really easy. The bowl is really quality. The pieces are solid, not cheap, and it’s clear that a lot of love actually went into this game.

This is a fun game, and leads to some intense gameplay while still being laid back enough that you have time to chat about the workday, bond with one another, and just enjoy a casual gaming experience.

Phil’s Take

Played it after doubts about spending $15, and the decreasing options narrow down what you can do the tension ratchets up in a fun way. The ability for games to have you fill out the board in one game or have the quick early ending the next makes a huge difference. Intense, fun, and can enjoy while chatting about work, life, etc.

Phil on the joys of this game

This is an outstanding game and an excellent episode, and we hope you enjoy it!

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