Table for Two #5: Spirits of the Forest

Finding symbols, matching them, and getting the cards you need while blocking your opponent’s collection efforts and you have not only an unusually active forest, but a great board game. This is the setting for Spirits of the Forest, a game that Heather and Phil both enjoyed and broke out for episode five of “Table for Two.”

Good back and forth, a snazzy new camera angle, and some hilarious passive aggressiveness on Heather’s part (way to meta game!) led to an interesting episode where you really got to see the on-board gameplay up close. This is a great change of pace game that is simple once you get the hang of it, yet provides plenty of challenge.

Add in the replay value and I can see why this Kickstarter backed game has gained such a strong funding and following. This also led to a very different style in this episode of Table for Two and I have to say, I’m a fan!

Make sure to check out this Table for Two Spirits of the Forest Playthrough on YouTube. It’s a good one!

More on Spirits of the Forest

Developed via Kickstarter, Spirits of the Forest is designed by Michael Schacht and though the story setup is short and sweet, a bit generic, it hits the right tone of mystery and backdrop. The actual gameplay is solid, the strategy is definitely there within a simple confine of rules, and this makes for a lot of great options during gameplay.

There’s strategy, there’s sneakiness, there’s a lot of elemental mischief going on in this game that is perfect for two players, has a solo game mode, and can be family fun for up to four.

What Phil Had to Say

Saw on Kickstarter, should have jumped on earlier. Love the case size – very shrunk down box that makes it a great travel game. Simple, Mejong-like, and once you get going there are deep strategies but at the same time it feels light. There are many times in this game I thought I was doing well then Heather destroyed me because I took too long to pay attention. Keep track of everything or sneakiness can happen.

Phil Breja, clearly excited when talking about Spirits of the Forest

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