Table for Two S3E5: Squadro

Phillip didn’t listen to any voices of caution at Gencon 2021, he had the money and the companies had the games. It was a great time wandering the exhibit hall feeling like a king, except when I went past Wyrmwood as I didn’t have that kind of money (I wish I did). So when Squadro called out and he was soundly defeated in it, it happily came home with him. It was a good addition to his growing 2 player only collection. I (Phillip) lose this game frequently so Heather appreciates having it around to humble me.

Squadro features a very simple rules set that creates a wonderfully deep strategy in the game as you try to make it across the harbor and back with your boats before your opponent can.

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The rules for Squadro

The rules are extremely straight forward, on your turn you are going move one of your boats.

The boat of you move has a number of dots indicating how many spaces forward it can move on its turn, either 1,2, or 3. On the way back the number of spaces is backwards, so a 3 on the way down, is a 1 on the way back.

If your movement would either stop or cross through an opponents boat, you jump them, move to the other side of their boat, and their boat goes back to the start of the side they were on.

The first player to get 4 of their boats back to the starting positions wins the game.

Thoughts from Phillip and Heather

With gorgeously crafted pieces and short and sweet game times, this game commands your attention and rightly deserves it. You will get lost in figuring out the puzzle of how to not get reset or which battles to lose while you have a conversation over the top of the game.

Phil’s Take

Short, sweet ,and gorgeous, this is a game you take out and leave on your coffee table with pride, hoping company is curious enough for a game.

Phillip, a constant student of humbleness

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