Table for Two #31: Tenzi

“And we have a dice game for you,” Phil states as Heather immediately gets a deer in the headlights look at that declaration. Which anyone who has played Phil in dice game knows is the 100% appropriate response, lol. This short but sweet episode is about a great little game that is action packed, goes very fast, and is a lot of fun.

You and an opponent are rolling ten dice as fast as you can until you get ten of the same number (starting with 1’s, then 2’s, all the way up to 6’s) then you yell TENZI! At that point you get to move on to the next number while your opponent plays catch up. Only the first one there gets to move on each round.

Keep moving until someone gets up to 6’s and gets all 10 dice on 6 before anyone else. Roll fast, pick out the right dice quickly, and make sure to shout loud and proud when you get it!

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This Tenzi playthrough is a great example of what this game looks like, the high energy, and why anyone who knows Phil would still agree to a dice game.

About Tenzi the Dice Game

Roll ten d6 dice as fast as you can till you have all ten on the same value before anyone else. Starting at 1’s and ending at 6’s, if you are the first with your ten matching, you yell “TENZI.

If you roll your tenth but someone else beats you to yelling, tough and redo it. If you win the round you move on to the next number. So simple but so intense, like spoons or any speed based dexterity game you can think of.

We have fun even just playing for one type in a quick game with kids as well.

What Phil & Heather Think

This is a great game because even though it’s a dice game with a high level of luck, it’s also all about the reflexes, the quick pattern recognition, and then tying it all together. Games can swing wildly when a player gets stuck on a number and it’s easy enough to play with the kids while also getting competitive with your spouse or adult friends.

Phil’s Take

Very simple. Tenzi is about as simple as a game can be and still be fun. But it’s easy to learn, simple, and intensely fun. The time flies by when you’re playing Tenzi and the energy stays high the whole way through.

Phil on Tenzi

Tenzi was a very entertaining game to watch and it’s very easy to see why so many people love this game. It’s high energy, it’s entertaining, and it’s simple, challenging, and fun. Who could want more?

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