Table for Two #22: Ticket To Ride Europe Edition!

Ticket to Ride is a great game that dives into the age of railroad barons as you race against other places to complete long routes, get bonuses from your secret bonus routes, and cut off your competition from getting the routes they need. You are playing to be the railroad baron of the table and create those highways made of steel to cement your place as a titan of industry while creating 1800s infrastructure.

In fact, we’ve played the North America version of this game on an early Twitch stream as part of the Assorted Meeples group, as well as the online version once we had to isolate back in March/April.

So Heather and Phil breaking out the Ticket to Ride Europe is a delightful way to see another version of this popular and classic boardgame.

You can get your own copy of Ticket to Ride Europe right here from Amazon so it’s on its way as you enjoy this wonderful playthrough.

This great Ticket to Ride Europe playthrough comes from yet another great episode of Table for Two.

About Ticket to Ride Europe

Most boardgamers are most familiar with Ticket to Ride, the base game which is the one I’m also most familiar with. Europe has similar rules but on the Old Continent.

In the online version there are also additions that can add more points and strategy to the game to add a little something new for those of you who love the game but also want something new.

What Phil & Heather Think

A gift originally from Heather’s brother, this is a great game that both of them enjoy immensely. This works great as a 2 player game in addition to sliding up to a great four player game with ease. This makes it a great versatile game and along with Golem and Settlers, its one of the favorite to keep popping out of the cabinet for game night.

Phil’s Take

This is a great gateway game. The rules are simple enough to learn quickly, the game is fun, and yet there’s heavy strategy that serious gamers can really get into. This makes it a constant favorite that also often leads casual gamers into more serious gaming.

Phil, explaining how Ticket to Ride is like the gateway drug of board games

This is a fantastic board game and whether future episodes feature the North America version or the European version, there’s little doubt that you’ll be seeing many more games of this in coming months and years!

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