Table for Two #30: Trash Pandas

When you have a game title like “Trash Pandas” and a box that looks like that, you had better deliver. Fortunately, this is a game that does just that. Cute and trouble making raccoons are up to mischief, and hopefully yours are better trouble makers than your opponents’. This is a card came with tokens and dice. You use dice to collect tokens, then buy cards and stash them away.

Trash Pandas has been a game with a lot of hype, dumpster diving, and furry critters getting into all kinds of trouble. How’s that for a combination of phrases?

Once Heather gets over her fit of laughing from an unseen game where apparently she hammered Phil, the game gets going with a great overview that shows what the game is all about and lets us enjoy a really great game between our favorite gaming couple. I’ve been looking for a great playthrough of this game, so I’m very excited about it!

This is a card game that is promising plenty of fun, and as the following playthrough shows, it delivers on that promise.

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About Trash Pandas

There’s a lot to love about Trash Pandas. This is a great game because it not only sets expectations for what you’re getting yourself into and then delivers. There’s enough strategy and interesting mechanics that you can roll perfectly and still get skunked by the deck. Which is called a Trash Can because good theming.

The victory conditions allow you to plan strategy but keep enough mystery in it that you can mis-guess, miscount, or just mess up. You put your cards of choice away and hope your pile is the largest.

Add in point cards and a good hand and you can see some major swings in the game in a way that really works.

What Phil & Heather Think

Trash Pandas is a really great game for a few reasons. For one, the box sets the expectation of some of the fun and chaos of what you’re getting yourself into and then it delivers. This game is a lot of fun, has plenty of back and forth, and they have had games go for Heather and games go for Phil.

Great art, great theming, and just a really fun overall style. Definitely a great game.

Phil’s Take

“Streamlined mechanics that have been used in a million other games but set up so well in this games case. Again, simple and straightforward rules that play so well together.”

Phil with a quick take on what makes this game so good.

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