Table for Two #13: Tsuro

Tsuro is one of those games that is remarkably simple and yet provides an incredible amount of game play. Featuring a unique design, nearly impossible to mess up rules, and endless gameplay fun, this is one of those games that underwhelmed the eye test then overdelivered once gameplay started.

This is an amazing two player game (and gets incredibly chaotic at four players) as well as one that the Assorted Meeples group has played as a long form game.

In fact, during that Twitch stream chat gave us several even more chaotic variations on the game to try out, as well. Fun was had by all.

I always love seeing boardgames pop up that are entertaining while also allowing Phil and Heather to chat, joke around, and really enjoy themselves. These are some of the best episodes, and this Table of Two featuring Tsuro is one of those top-notch episodes. Great watch!

Table for Two’s Tsuro Gameplay is a great video for when you want a relaxing watch.

About Tsuro: The Game of the Path

Even if you’re a bit intimidated by this game, you shouldn’t be. It’s just “follow the road” as you and the other players piece together a beautiful and wonderful board. Build roads trying to keep yourself as many options as possible, giving yourself escape routes while cutting off options of your opponents.

This is such a great game and one that is incredibly fun and has a surprising replay value.

We even created a short how to play Tsuro video on YouTube if you want a little bit more guidance on how this game is played.

What Phil & Heather Think

Tsuro is a game that both Phil and Heather are fans of. The game is simple, still has solid strategy, yet is also relaxed enough that you can chat and enjoy the game time without feeling overly stressed mentally.

These games are hard to find, and Tsuro fits the bill well. Beautiful well-made pieces, a lovely board, an easy to understand game, and a very satisfying challenge makes for the complete package.

Phil’s Take

The feel of the game is the same from four players to two players which is actually pretty amazing. You are in your own little world until you can’t be. Same whether two or four. With two the difference is that you really do push to the last tiles before you get eliminated. Going to play full game. Not getting yeeted off early. So simple you cant really get confused by the rules allowing you to play while talking, bonding, and more.

Phil – capturing the feel of the Tsuro boardgame really well.

This is a game that as a short game is going to be a constant add-on for our longform game nights once we can meet in person again, and we expect it to be one of those fun repeat games that pops up on Table for Two quite often in the future.

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