Table for Two #43: Tsuro Phoenix Rising

Tsuro is a game that is very simple in many ways, et the simplicity allows for some deep thought competition as you are working to create a board that is probably going to be friendly to you and not so friendly to your opponents. But if you’ve watched any of our previous playthroughs of this game or have it in your own shelf, you know how quickly things can go very, very sideways.

It was with high hopes for more of these types of shenanigans that we watch as Phil and Heather play Tsuro: Phoenix Rising. A game in the Tsuro series that hopefully brings some interesting new folds into the game that promises a high energy short burst of fun. Thankfully, this game, and the Let’s Play, doesn’t disappoint!

Let’s Play: Tsuro Phoenix Rising

So why not check out this super fast 16 minute episode of Table for Two featuring a Tsuro Phoenix Rising Let’s Play with our favorite gaming couple? You won’t regret it!

About Tsuro Phoenix Rising

This game keeps the base movement mechanics of the original, but parts of the board appear and are set, giving a little more control for planning how you want to change things up. This is a really interesting take using great proven mechanics in a way that is different, is fun, and is definitely a worthy sequel to the original that way all enjoy (and play) so much.

If this game looks interesting to you after seeing the playthrough, please consider checking the up to date price here on Amazon!

What Phil & Heather Think

Really fun, fast game. You can have a great strategy game without getting tired from intense thinking and planning, you have some fun and chaos thrown in, and a game can easily be played out in around 15 minutes.

And Heather really likes it. Not just because she beat Phil multiple times, either, though I’m sure that didn’t hurt. Because Tsuro Phoenix rising is a great family game that is easy to learn, easy to play, and can be setup and played quickly which is great when time is at a premium.

Phil’s Take

Phoenix Rising is short, sweet, but you still have strategy and can plan some smart moves to give you the edge. Great take on the original Tsuro game and a lot of fun to play.


Hope you enjoyed this!

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