Table for Two #23: Unearth

Unearth is a dice based board game from Brotherwise Games that brings a new twist and some interesting mechanics to your traditional board game and brings them together for what is hopefully a great playing experience. Phil in particular is a pretty big fan of this game and is fascinated by the mechanics that it brings to the table.

Unearth is all about that. You’re in a world where your ancestors built great cities, had better technology, and built wonders the ruins of which are still amazing to the descendants to this day. So the setting is laid out but now for a better future, it’s time to dig up (unearth) the relics and knowledge of the past.

You can look for an up to date price on a copy of the Unearth board game by following that link to Amazon (sales do help to support our channel).

If you’ve wondered about playing this game, this video playthrough of Unearth should help you decide.

About UnEarth

Brotherwise Games is a small independent game company that was the baby of two gamers: Jason Harner and Matthew Ransom. This game takes the background of a post apocalyptic world as the background story as you are looking to scavenge ruins using your dice to find the cards, wonders, and old tech needed to win via points. While as a board game this isn’t going to dive into the world as much as a video game, it paints an intriguing picture.

The mechanics are where this game does shine and offers something different from a dice rolling game. This isn’t one where rolling nothing but 1’s or 6’s will make you unbeatable. You need work here.

What Phil & Heather Think

Phil is a big fan. This is a game that is big on the mechanics and dice rolls. Because of that it makes a lot of sense that Phil really likes this game. On the other side Heather’s not a particularly big fan of this game. Not her wheelhouse, and she’s a bigger fan of fast paced game and aesthetics, not so much deep plodding thinkers with a focus on mechanics.

Which is fine. That’s actually a really good split of opinions on the game which may help you decide if it is actually the right type of game for you or if it’s one that maybe you pass on for another option (it’s not like there’s been a lack of them from all the great episodes).

Phil’s Take

This is a dice heavy game with some interesting mechanics that I really like.

Phil, surprising no one by

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