Table for Two #52: Viscounts of the West Kingdom

All good things must come to an end. After two great weeks of board games it’s time for this chapter of the Tome of the West Kingdom, and Season Two of Unqualified Experts, to come to an end. This is a fitting episode to end the series and gives yet another great look at these very in-depth board games.

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Let’s Play: Viscounts of the West Kingdom

Take a look at this great Let’s Play of Viscounts of the West Kingdom.

About Viscounts of the West Kingdom

Viscounts brings you into the role of a noble going around the city gain support of the people in the city by building up the outer villages, trading, getting workers into the castle and having monks transcript manuscripts.

Each turn you are going to slide your cards down one place, and adding a fresh card to your player board. Then move your marker and taking one of the 4 actions there, finally buying a new card for your deck if you want to and checking your if your corruption and virtue have collided and ending with drawing.

This is the third game of the three game Tome of the West Kingdom series and

What Phil & Heather Think

The final game of the West Kingdom series and final episode of Season 2 is an interesting one of deck building and a rondel board. This game has a lot going on with it as well but it seems to flow a lot easier then Paladins did for us.

The game plays out very nice though the winning conditions feels very different then most games I have played before and it is a very good thing. This is another game that could use a couple of solid playthroughs to really get everything flowing between the rules and your strategy (which I think this game deserves that much time at least).

Phil’s Take

This was a very interesting trilogy of games. I do feel like the advantages of the first two if the same player wins can cause things to sort of stumble out of control and while I definitely don’t have a full handle on this yet, these games are worth the time to give those multiple playthroughs to figure it all out.


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