Unqualified Experts #7: Level One Wizard with Armor?

It makes sense that if there was a single way to find a “minor” loophole to create a really unique and different build that Shane would find it. Realizing that a wizard not having armor proficiency was because of class traits, and that there was one race that had medium armor proficiency as a racial bonus, the idea of a level one armored wizard that didn’t require a DM’s consent was born.

Yes, fellow D&D 5e enthusiasts, Shane makes a very unconventional build and even throws in some role playing thoughts or tips on this most unusual and unique of low level wizard characters who have the tools to hold the front line.

Because Dwarves Can Be Wizards , Too!

Because Mountain Dwarves come with light and medium armor proficiency, you get some unique build opportunities. There’s no reason a dwarf can’t be a wizard and have fun slinging magic, too! Check out that Mountain Dwarf Armored Wizard build for 5e Dungeons and Dragons on YouTube!

While Fun, Obvious Challenges

Your stat boosts are Strength and Constitution, which provides some challenges. Constitution is never a bad stat to boost although most wizards will have little use for strength. The d6 for hit points is a challenge that a good CON can somewhat mitigate that by providing extra hit points. Are you playing this wizard as someone who still likes to rough it up?

Are you forced to because of questionable party dynamics?

This also means your highest stat whether via roll, point buy, or distribution needs to be INT. This is the road to making you a competent caster which means lesser numbers go to important supporting stats like DEX or CON. And so many good skills are attached to wisdom that you generally don’t want that as a dump stat, though that’s an option if you have more than one skill monkey in the party.

Serious Roleplaying Potential

Imagine, if you will, and introductory party scene that doesn’t start in the tavern…because your future party mate is tossed out of a window before you can walk in. Is it a barbarian? A fighter? Nope. That’s your misfit wizard, recently expelled taking a sabbatical from the local Arcane College.

  • Is he swearing like a sailor in the ivory towers where all others show deference and aloofness?
  • Are the folks from his home proud of him and he’s embarrassed about being expelled?
  • Do they mock him for not being like the other dwarves in the community and leaving the mines?
  • Do you want to play a “part of both worlds, belonging to neither” scenario?

There are many awesome potential roleplaying situations that can come up and are worth exploring with the DM pre-campaign.

Also “Pansy can cast a fireball but can’t take a battle axe to the chest!” might be one of my favorite roleplaying lines to utter ever.

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