Unqualified Experts #30: How to Play an Evil PC in a Good Campaign

This is an episode that isn’t for true beginners, because pulling off playing an evil PC in a good campaign is challenging in even the best of conditions – but it is an awful lot of fun when you pull it off, you’re a DM overseeing a campaign where this is taking place, or a good PC who exposes them and chaos ensues.

This isn’t going to work with every group, but it’s an interesting approach to take and even for experienced TTRPG players attempting to shift over to an evil PC can be challenging. Getting good advice on how to approach this, how to talk with a DM with how to do this, how to set up things to play the right way – and how to then actually get away with playing an evil character right…it can feel like being back in DnD 101 again 🙂

Fortunately we have some very good experts to talk on this topic. Braden has successfully played evil characters multiple times in multiple campaigns or systems, and Ben has some of the best “Well somehow I pulled that off!” stories from pulling this off in ways where even his DM said “I thought you were dead to rites…HOW did you pull that off?”

Well since we have the experts, why not jump into the topic?

How to Play Evil Characters in TTRPG Campaigns

Hope you enjoyed this episode of how to play an evil character in a TTRPG!

With the tips these troublemakers have provided, you’re prepared to start your own venture into the realms of playing an undercover evil PC in a typical good TTRPG campaign.

In Conclusion

This was a great episode and another example of why we were so excited to get guests on for season two in order to share their expertise with us. These episodes are awesome and we hope you enjoyed them. Also poor Shane – that healing potion is so close yet so far away.

Turns out someone with the name “Corrupt Overlord” wasn’t the baddie. Huh…who would have guessed?

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