Unqualified Experts #18: Tips for Being a Better D&D Player

No matter how experienced a player you are, sometimes it’s good to get a refresher on how to be a better D&D player. It’s always good to be a bit self-reflective and think about the ways you can be a better group player. However, a good campaign is really exciting and it can be easy to get carried away, distracted, or otherwise find yourself in a position where maybe your, or someone at the table, isn’t having their best session.

Happens to the best of us. However, following a few tips or pointers at the beginning of each campaign can solve a lot of headaches for you as a player, the game’s DM, or the group as a whole.

Be like The Business or Brownie. Be a better D&D player. Don’t try to be the center of the universe. Don’t be a Corrupt Overlord. Take a look at our Be a Better Player D&D Tips Video right there on YouTube. Thanks for the support!

Why This D&D Player Topic?

For one, we had some fans request this as a topic, which is super cool. A second part of it is that several of us in the Meeples group and close friends have gamed for decades. Others of us, like myself, can count how many campaigns I’ve been in on or DM’ed on one hand. So I was a pure beginner not that long ago.

I remember what it’s like having no idea what’s going on, not knowing what was acceptable behavior or not, and how the group story process worked. You catch on quickly enough, and each group is a little bit different, but if someone had given me some of these tips up front it definitely would have helped.

Hopefully the tips, stories, and examples in this video will help players of all experience levels be a better player, guide others to be better players, and just create a better gaming experience for all involved!

Some Quick D&D Roleplaying Tips:

  • Give yourself a reason to trust the party (no lone wolf)
  • Respect other players (aka don’t be a jerk)
  • Play like a supporting character actor – not the main star (remember it’s a GROUP story experience)
  • Be willing to grow and evolve through the campaign
  • Be willing to try something completely different
  • Talk with your DM about your character and how he/she is evolving during the campaign
  • Do your best to learn about your class/system so the DM can focus on other things
  • Resolve major arguments outside of session

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