Unqualified Experts #3: Top 5th Ed Uncommon Magic Items

The episodes are flying out and we are happy with another great video focusing on 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. This is a great video looking at uncommon magic items that are actually affordable, that a DM is likely to allow, and that can be incredibly versatile and get things done.

This video has it all. Shane causing trouble. Braden realizing he’s pushed the group too far. An idiot bard, a planned heist, Oktoberfest, flooded buildings, and plenty of great low magic items. I mean, what more can you ask for? A Callahan impersonating a baboon riding a tiger? That is a VERY weirdly specific request.

And that’s in there, too 🙂

Low Level Magic Items for a D&D Campaign Heist

Some uncommon magic items are clearly valuable, some far more so than even at first glance. Others are an odd combination but in the right circumstances, or with the creative use of other uncommon magic items, becomes a really unique and powerful combo that will keep the DM guessing, thinking, and finally throwing his hands up to allow the rule of cool.

Hope you enjoy that video on the best 5e magic items not requiring attunement.

Braden’s Focus

These are uncommon magic items that do not require attunement and are incredibly useful for a variety of situations. This is particularly true early on in campaigns, but many of these are still useful even as the party levels up. From looting to getting over major obstacles, to creating a Z-axis or not dying of thirst in a desert, there are plenty of options here.

These are great uncommon items that will solve a wide variety of situations that could otherwise cause some serious problems to a young adventuring party and will continue to be important no matter where in the adventure you are currently working through.

If you’re looking for your main backbone of magic items for any party this is a great list.

Shane’s Focus

Shane’s focus was…*Braden sighs* unconventional, as usual. Also focusing on uncommon magic items in 5E that can be combined to create all kinds of hijinks that Bards, Rogues, and other problem causing teammates will absolutely love. In other words, Shane decided he was going to Ocean’s 11 this and that was before the Waterdeep Dragon Heist come out as a 5E adventure.

If you want to cause a heist, call a lot of distractions, or cause a lot of problems in really weird and creative ways that many DMs aren’t prepared for, then this is a list that will get plenty of attention. The super creative way several of these items are used together…that’s great.

Though obviously the MVP of this one is the unexpected appearance by Old Man Callahan. And that, dear readers or watchers, is what a baboon riding a tiger sounds like.

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