Unqualified Experts #9: Trailer Park Boys D&D – WITF?

Trailer Park Boys as D&D characters? Ricky the idiot Druid? Julian the Paladin? What in the (censored)?

Great references to Donnie aside, this was a fantastic idea and you can tell that Shane and Braden were both very excited about this episode of Unqualified Experts. We’ve seen the min-maxed D&D builds of pop culture characters (I swear to the D&D pantheon if I see one more monk build for One Punch Man…) but what about those characters who are entertaining, hilarious, and…what’s a nice way of saying deeply, DEEPLY flawed?

This is a show both of us love and we had the idea at some point to play Julian and Ricky as a combo in a future 5e campaign. Weirdly enough, our DM groups have steered away to other tabletop RPGs ever since. Weird.

But Braden played a hilarious werewolf version of Ricky, and the idea was still there. How exactly, in a conventional D&D 5e world, would you build a Ricky and Julian? What classes fit their personality? How do you handle optimized stats? Oh all the roleplaying possibilities! Sunny Vale could even be a location several days out of Waterdeep as opposed to a trailer park.

So this video was born!

Trailer Park Boys DnD Video

This was our favorite video to shoot to date. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, what are you waiting for? Trailer Park Boys D&D Characters right there. On the link. C’mon – click it!

Definitely More Trailer Park Boys D&D to Come

There’s little doubt that this is a topic that is going to be re-visited on this website in the future, probably with in-depth character sheets of Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles. Maybe even Cyrus for an evil campaign. This is an extremely entertaining Unqualified Experts episode where you can tell both Shane and Braden are having a blast, and they have an eye on how to dive further into this.

Blog posts can be a great way to look at actual character builds, build out the world of a D&D Sunny Vale, and see what combination of different awesome potential adventures come up.

Why Trailer Park Boys as D&D Characters?

I mean, because it’s funny. If it’s hilarious that should be reason enough, but we’re both fans of this quirky, weird, hilarious, and definitely NSFW Canadian TV show. This is entertaining, gives a starting framework for a character which you can choose to have evolve (or not) throughout the campaign as you see fit.

This was an idea we jumped on, and we’re open to other suggestions, as this was a blast to make.

Should We Revisit This After Tasha’s Cauldron?

Let us know. Apparently if the rumors are right there are things like sidekicks which may become a thing. In that case you could be any race and have a Cory and Trevor (though I think Braden’s take on this in the video is still brilliant). What if there are new sub-classes? Should we look at things again?

Are you satisfied with this episode and the framework it builds?

There are plenty of options offered for both Ricky and Julian from races other than human, to various classes for both (and suggested non-optimized multi-class that can help with that bumbling aspect), not to mention various interesting ways to use the mechanics to help match the roleplay.

Hope you love the episode.

If you haven’t gotten in on the fun yet, grab your 5th Edition D&D Player’s Handbook.

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