Stardew Valley Shad Guide

shad pic stardew valley

The shad is a commonly found river fish in Stardew Valley that can be found in every season except for winter. They only come out when it rains, meaning there is no way to catch them on a sunny day unless you have magic bait, in which case they can be caught in any weather, … Read more

Giant Spiders 5E: Your Complete Creepy Crawlie Guide

Giant Spider in Foggy Shadows

Not every great encounter starts with The Monster Manual. There are some amazing potential encounters from the enemies, creatures, and interesting things found right at the back of The Player’s Handbook. Being the curious type who loves diving into fictional worlds, I didn’t ignore the appendixes at the back but dove in to find some … Read more

Stardew Valley Tool Upgrade Guide

Stardew Valley Tools Tier List

Tools are a crucial part of the Stardew Valley experience, and players start with a basic backpack, trash can, mining pick axe, watering can, hoe, scythe, and axe. The fishing rod appears a few days later, assuming you bother to go visit the beach after Wily writes you. These open up various actions, allowing you … Read more

Are Gaming Screenshots Copyrighted?

screenshot law scales of justice

The question often comes up on whether or not gaming screenshots are copyrighted, especially for gaming bloggers and YouTubers. What is copyrighted? What is Fair Use? Where do the lines of each begin and end? These are questions that can get very complicated. I want to help make clear this situation for creators, but the … Read more

How Do Hit Dice Work 5E Dungeons & Dragons

DnD Dice 5E Hit Dice

As the rest of the party chooses to look away, the useful warlock mutters incantations to her patron to refresh her spells, infusing her body with the Eldritch powers that would allow her to cast spells after even the shortest of rests. However, she is not the only one taking advantage of the brief respite … Read more