Magic’s Commander Rules Change: Death Triggers

Child of Alara MTG

We’ve all been in at least one game where we’ve played a card, preparing to make an epic play we’ve made countless times before, only to have an opponent point out “That isn’t actually how this card works”. Then, as we discuss how Spelltwine actually interacts with its targets, I begin going through the 5 … Read more

How to Remotely Play Paper Magic Using SpellTable

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I miss grilling with friends on lazy Sunday afternoons. I miss in-person board games on Thursday nights. But most of all, I miss paper Magic: The Gathering. COVID-19 has made in-person games an unsafe proposition for the foreseeable future, so I haven’t played an actual game of Commander in months. Magic: The Gathering Arena should … Read more

D&D 5th Edition House Rules: Pros, Cons, & Our Table

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Ed Core Books

The 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons has done more for gaming and the tabletop RPG industry than any other entry in recent memory. The gameplay and management have been streamlined elegantly without becoming the number crunch of 3rd edition, but there’s still plenty of freedom for players and Dungeon Masters to create unique characters … Read more

Top 10 MTG Ikoria Cards For Commander

Lurrus of the Dream-Den MTG

This is an exciting time to be a Magic player. New sets these days are considerably above the typical power curve, and have generally come with an array of exciting designs to boot. Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths looks to be no different, and while the paper release of this set has been substantially delayed, I … Read more