MTG’s Best Mana Rocks for Commander

MTG Sol Ring

I’m often asked what makes a good Commander deck, and the answer I give sometimes surprises them, as they’ll expect me to say something along the lines of “power”, “speed”, or “win percentage”. While these are all useful statistics, my answer paraphrases a line from the book Rocket Boys (a fantastic read by the way!), …

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MTG’s Best Green Mana Ramp Cards for Commander

Exploration card mtg

Commander (EDH) is a format full of crazy strategies and cool spells that lead to epic experiences, so it’s easy to see why the spotlight focuses on these aspects of the format. While it’s easy to forget the lands that help us, as players, generate the mana to create these experiences, their support isn’t something …

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How to Set Up Auto Trackers on a FXPAK Flash Cart

SNES with flash cart

A huge shoutout to Lanabean for lending her expertise to create this post. She is the author of this fantastic guide for A Link to the Past Randomizer (ALttPR) enthusiasts who prefer to cruise through Hyrule’s greatest treasure hunt on a Super Nintendo. Make sure to stop by her Twitch channel and give her a …

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Top 10 New Magic Core Set 2021 Cards for Commander

Mangara, the Diplomat MTG

Core sets have an interesting place in Magic’s history. Starting out as white-bordered, 100% reprint sets that excluded legendary creatures, they’ve gradually lost each of these restrictions, undergone a leave of absence, and have come roaring back in recent years with better and better card selections. Core Set 2021 is no exception to this recent …

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