Table for Two #6 Dice Throne

couple playing dice throne

I always love it when I can see a two person playthrough of one of my favorite multi-player boardgames. Dice Throne is an absolutely awesome boardgame that adds an amazing amount of strategy to a dice game so even if you’re not constantly rolling ones or sixes you can still compete. Dice Throne proudly describes …

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Table for Two #5: Spirits of the Forest

husband and wife gamers playing spirit of the forest

Finding symbols, matching them, and getting the cards you need while blocking your opponent’s collection efforts and you have not only an unusually active forest, but a great board game. This is the setting for Spirits of the Forest, a game that Heather and Phil both enjoyed and broke out for episode five of “Table …

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Table for Two #4: Deblockle

gaming couple playing deblockle

Deblockle was a game that instantly caught my attention when Phil described it, because games that fall under the “chess-like” category that actually deliver are pretty far and few between. While the description of “chess-like” can be thrown around. This is a simple strategy game that is easy to pick up, has a small amount …

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Table for Two #3: Here to Slay

Two gamers here to slay board game

The title of the third episode of Table for Two says it all: Heather tolerates Phil’s fanboying. You can tell from the beginning that Phil is really nerding out big time and Heather looks on with bemusement. It’s a promising start to what ends up being another great episode of the YouTube show “Table for …

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Table for Two #2: Sagrada

couple with Sagrada board game

Sagrada is an intriguing game that doesn’t follow the same type of rules that most dice games do. Each round has dice that go back and forth between players who are attempting to use a combination of certain numbers and colors to create “stained glass windows” out of their dice that fit the patterns they …

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Deadly Days Video Game Review: Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

Rocket Prep Deadly Days Base

Deadly Days is considered a rogue-like video game, one that takes place not in the dungeon crawling fantasy realms of a Dungeons & Dragons type world but in the stylized pixelated world of a zombie apocalypse. There are few settings more appropriate for a recurring “shoot ’em up” map exploration like rogue-like games promise, and …

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