Mansions Of Madness Vs Betrayal At House On The Hill

betrayal at house of the hill board game

There are certain games that stick out because they are so unique that they clearly belong to a very small, narrowly defined genre. So Mansions of Madness Vs Betrayal at House on the Hill: which game is better? Mansions of Madness is better for a thorough in-depth experience like a TTRPG and is especially good …

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7 Unique RPGs You Don’t Want to Miss!

west of loathing screenshot

In my opinion it’s really hard to argue with the RPG as one of the absolute best genres of games out there. Whether tabletop RPG or as a video game genre there is a whole lot to love about what these games bring to the table. But as much as I love the classics like …

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Crossbow Expert 5E: DnD Feat Guide

gnome crossbow expert

Crossbow Expert is a relatively simple feat in 5th Edition that aims to do exactly what it says: make a player an expert at using the crossbow for ranged attacks. While that doesn’t sound super special or exciting, not all of the best feats do. For fans of this devastating medieval ranged weapon, this might …

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Charger 5E Feat: DnD Feat Guide

shadow outline dashing

The 5E Charger Feat is an interesting option that situationally could be really potentially powerful. For some classes this feat offers some really intriguing options. Especially for those where speed, mobility, and movement matter for melee combat. A lot of great feats are going to B-grades: those that are very good for a few classes …

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Durable Feat 5E: DnD Feat Guide

durable jogger

Some feats in 5E Dungeons & Dragons are so powerful or versatile that they are on everyone’s short list. Durable is not one of those feats, and this full guide will show why many players and DMs of the 5th Ed system consider this feat to be trash. Durable is generally considered a terrible feat …

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Keen Mind 5E: DnD Feat Guide

keen mind brain in lightbulb

Keen Mind is a really interesting feat in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons because it might be the hardest feat to grade in all of 5th Ed. Because I’ve seem campaigns where this feat was heavily OP an did a ridiculous amount of work for the party, to the DM’s consternation and I’ve been in …

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SEASON 2 BEGINS! Unqualified Experts #23: Sorcerer Vs. Wizard

wizard vs. Sorcerer 5E

Unqualified Experts, one of two YouTube shows currently produced by Assorted Meeples, is back and better than ever for season two! We start off with a great sketch where all the trouble starts and it leads straight into a deep discussion into the two “classic” magic classes of sorcerer and wizard. While there are other …

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