SEASON 2 BEGINS! Unqualified Experts #23: Sorcerer Vs. Wizard

Unqualified Experts, one of two YouTube shows currently produced by Assorted Meeples, is back and better than ever for season two! We start off with a great sketch where all the trouble starts and it leads straight into a deep discussion into the two “classic” magic classes of sorcerer and wizard.

While there are other casting classes, no disrespect to bards and warlocks (both classes that we love) but when it comes to a pure caster it’s all about the wizards and the sorcerers. Pure casters who are all about the magic to make up for terrible hit points, and are the first two classes that newbies to Dungeons & Dragons look at when coming into the game for the first time.

Season 2 Kicks off With Sorcerer Vs. Wizard 5E DnD

The episode covers a wide spread of topics including:

  • Wizard Sub-classes
  • Sorcerer Sub-classes
  • Changes from Xanathar’s and Tasha’s
  • Pros/Cons of both

Plus a pretty good opening sketch.

Season Two will be a 20 Episode season that will include expert guests (actual experts), an amazing array of opening sketches, great in-depth discussion on board games, TTRPGs, and video games, not to mention recurring guest visits from Brownie the Bear and others. Get your podcast shot of nerd culture.

If you want a further breakdown of how we see the 5e Wizard vs Sorcerer debate working out feel free to check out that blog post that goes into a further deep dive of both classes!

Thanks for all the wonderful support and we can’t wait to see the feedback on a season that Braden and Shane are both very proud of.

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