Game Night: 1/16/2020

Has it been a week already? Yup! As hard as it is to believe, another great week has gone by. Last week Shane proved his forge was by far and away the mightiest of them all despite the early rash of snake eyes before promptly proving to be the worst zombie mob in history.

Braden was the zombiest of all the zombies, though Shane’s ridiculous “almost” comeback after stinking up that entire game was great.

If you haven’t seen last week’s game day it is worth the view. Braden has had some amazing video game streams on Chrono Trigger (classic), and will be continuing with that schedule, which can be found on the Assorted Meeples Twitch Channel.

We’re soooooo close to 50 followers – hopefully today will be the big day! Hope to see you all for tonight’s board game stream of Bunny Kingdom and Dungeon Mayhem!

Visit our new YouTube Channel – and you can check out our newest rules videos!

Rules for Bunny Kingdom

Our first rules video, going over a really outstanding strategy game.

Rules for Dungeon Mayhem

A fast action-heavy card game that is a blast.

Heck, I’ll pitch it. Dungeon Mayhem is absolutely awesome, and you should DEFINITELY pick up your copy here on Amazon!

We are looking forward to seeing all of you tonight! If you’re not following us already on Twitch or supporting us on Patreon, please consider doing so. We really appreciate every bit of support and hope to see ya’ll tonight!

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