How Do You Get Oak Resin Fast in Stardew Valley?

Oak resin is one of three main specialty tree saps that can be found in the game via tapper, along with pine tar and maple syrup. While all are important for various crafting recipes, it’s actually very easy to argue that oak resin is the most important one of the three, and the one that many Stardew players find themselves scrambling for in both years one and two.

Getting oak resin is crucial for moving forward in Stardew Valley as kegs allow the player to mass produce artisan goods like coffee, juice, beer, pale ale, mead, tea, and of course wine.

So when you find yourself in need of a large amount of oak resin to start mass producing those crops into much more expensive wine, it’s time to get the resin produced. But how do you get oak resin quickly?

I’ll outline all the options you have for mass stocking oak resin in this game and prepping yourself so you never have to feel rushed for another series of keg builds because you’re out of resin.

stardew valley winter oak farm
Even in winter, I want those oak trees producing resin on my farm!

How to Get Oak Resin in Stardew Valley

There are only two ways to get oak resin in Stardew Valley. The most common way and the only consistent method is to build tappers (which you can create after Foraging Level 3) and then placing them on oak trees where they will continue to draw on the tree and create one bottle of oak resin every 7 to 8 days.

Oak trees produce resin even during the winter, making those tappers a great long-term investment.

Veteran Stardew players know enough about how important they are that when they start a new farm a lot of Spring Year 1 time is spent rushing for sprinklers and creating tappers to start harvesting oak resin for later in the year.

The only way to get oak resin that isn’t from the tree is by killing haunted skulls in the mines. These can be found in the quarry cave as well as enemy levels in the mines, but with a mere 1.3% drop chance, this is not a consistent or efficient way of harvesting oak resin in Stardew Valley.

Not to mention those haunted skulls can really mess up a low level player.

On EXTREMELY rare occasions when feeding hardwood into the wood chipper (WHY?) you might also get a random oak resin popping out, but that is even less common.

How Do You Get Oak Resin Fast in Stardew Valley?

So how do you get oak resin fast in Stardew Valley? Well got some bad news there: you really can’t. There’s no major shortcut. Tree fertilizer helps oak trees you plant grow faster, however it has no effect on how fast a tapper placed on the tree works. That means that the normal rate of an oak resin being produced every 7-8 days is as fast as you will be able to consistently get this.

There’s no way to speed up the process, so start that oak tree farm early in your game so you can start harvesting and storing large amounts of oak resin for later in the year when you have the knowledge and levels to mass produce kegs.

How often do you get oak Resin Stardew Valley?

Every 7-8 days an oak tree with a tapper on it will produce oak resin. This is the standard speed that even the Stardew Wiki acknowledges and as of 1.5 there is no way (short of modding the game) to change that pace.

This Is Why Acorns Are Life!

There is no guaranteed fast way to get oak resin in the game. You need to have the tappers set up on fully grown oak trees in Stardew Valley and at that point it’s a 7-8 day weight. This means planting acorns early and creating your oak tree section of the farm is critical so you can have a steady supply of oak resin being created all four seasons.

It’s also why I like to put tappers on oak trees throughout the map, like on the oak by the bus station or once I unlock the Desert and Ginger Island so I can get all my wood from those spots, on oak trees throughout the southern forest.

To supply the large number of kegs most players want in late game farms (loading up barns, sheds, the greenhouse, and even the quarry) means you need dozens upon dozens of oak resins, even north of 300+ in some cases.

So while using a few acorns early game for field snacks when energy is at a premium is acceptable, find that part of your farm you want to be an oak forest and start planting!

Oak Resin: In Conclusion

Oak resin is crucial for building kegs which is a huge part of multiplying your profits as a farmer, which means you want a steady supply of the stuff even deep into the late game. While oak resin can take some time, with a bit of proper preparation you can haul in huge amounts of oak resin over several seasons that can serve your likely needs through the rest of the game.

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