How Do You Summon the Wall of Flesh in Terraria?

After telling the Queen Bee to buzz off, silencing Skeletron Prime, and hunting the wily Deerclops, you’re probably wondering what other challenges Terraria has to offer.

Well, don your Molten armor and get ready to head back to the Underworld, because in order to progress to Hardmode and access the rest of the game, you’ll need to battle a boss known as the Wall of Flesh.

If you’re thinking, “Well that’s easier said than done. I don’t have any idea where this boss is!”, don’t sweat it – you’re definitely not alone.

It’s easy to spend lots of time looting Shadow Chests and battling the Underworld’s challenging denizens without figuring out the summoning mechanic for this crucial boss, and the lack of clear in-game hints doesn’t help matters. Fortunately, it’s easy to summon the Wall of Flesh in Terraria once you know how, and sometimes you can even do it by accident.

The Wall of Flesh is summoned by using lava in the Underworld to destroy a Guide Voodoo Doll while the Guide NPC is alive. This action kills the Guide and triggers the Wall of Flesh’s appearance 75 blocks away from all visible players in the Underworld.

So where do you get the Guide Voodoo Doll? What’s the best way to defeat the Wall of Flesh once it’s summoned? What should you do after you beat it? Let’s break these questions down one at a time so you can put together a game plan.

How to Get the Guide Voodoo Doll in Terraria

Terraria Voodoo Demon
Voodoo Demons will try to trick you into killing them over lava so you accidentally start a boss fight, but you’re too smart to fall for that, right?

If your time in the Underworld hasn’t netted you at least 1 of these yet, your journey to summon and defeat the Wall of Flesh will begin by tracking down a Voodoo Demon. These enemies look like regular Demons, but do not have the traditional blue bracelets or anklets of their more common brethren.

Oh, and they have a Guide Voodoo Doll hanging upside down from one of their talons.

With only 140 health, it doesn’t take a lot to bring one of these monsters down, and they’ll always drop a Guide Voodoo Doll for you as a reward. Since this monster only spawns in the Underworld, however, the catch is that you must not kill them over lava.

Doing so will result in any loot that is dropped falling into the lava, which in turn will summon the Wall of Flesh just as certainly as if you’d chucked the doll to its doom yourself. If you haven’t prepared the battlefield and/or your allies aren’t nearby, this small mistake will turn leisurely farming into a very deadly fight for survival.

If the Guide is not alive in your world when his Voodoo Doll is destroyed, nothing will happen and it will effectively be wasted.

How to Beat the Wall of Flesh in Terraria

Defeating the Wall of Flesh for the first time can be a difficult task, but a little preparation can go an incredibly long way. The first thing I like to do is build a long, flat, and horizontal stretch of blocks or platforms in the Underworld. The material generally doesn’t matter, so this is a good chance to clear out those stacks of Dirt or Stone Blocks you’ve been hoarding.

While this can be a real pain to accomplish while dodging Demons, Hellbats, and Fire Imps, the Wall of Flesh is going to advance toward you and your allies as you fight it (left to right if summoned on the left side of the world, right to left if summoned on the right), and if you get caught or trapped in front of a block, you’ll take massive damage.

Since this motion is such a large part of the boss battle, giving both you and your allies plenty of open room to move away will be essential for survival if you don’t have Hardmode gear to ensure a fast kill.

The best place to build this extended platform is from the left or right of a Hellevator, a player-created tunnel or mine shaft that goes straight from the Surface (ideally near where you spawn) to the Underworld. If you haven’t made one of these yet, this is a good time to do so.

Once your Hellevator is finished, bringing a Compass with you will help you determine which way to build the long platform, and this will make it easy for players who die during the fight to rejoin as quickly as possible if they don’t have a Demon Conch. Just make sure to have a Horseshoe or some Wings equipped to avoid fall damage.

Finally, if you’re playing with friends, having 2-3 other people with you to help fight this boss is a good way to ensure a death doesn’t prematurely end your fight with the Wall of Flesh. Ranged attacks are generally a good way to go, though if you have a tank or two using melee weapons with a bit of reach, you can usually have a front line offense as well.

If you find yourself running low on health, the Leeches and tendrils with mouths that are spawned by the Wall of Flesh (known as The Hungry) will always drop a Heart in Classic mode, and have a 20% chance to do so in Expert mode, so as long as you’re careful, you should be able to bring your health back up with little issue.

Terraria Wall of Flesh
-chuckles- I’m in danger!

As the Wall of Flesh gets damaged, it will speed up at certain health intervals (75%, 50%, 25%, and 10% in Classic, and also 66%, 33%, 5%, 3.5%, and 2.5% in Expert or Master mode).

With 8,000 Health in Classic mode (more in Expert or Master modes, but varies depending on how many players there are), this is fairly easy to keep track of, and can provide good cues for when your tanks should retreat and start fighting at range if they’re struggling to stay healthy.

In Expert or Master mode, you’re probably not outrunning the Wall of Flesh at lower health totals, so forcing through as much damage as you can is generally the play once the Wall of Flesh reaches the last 2.5-5% of its health.

Finally, it’s important to know that there’s no working around this boss’s mechanic of advancing toward you. If you get behind the Wall of Flesh or try to leave the Underworld as it advances, a tendril will reach out and rapidly pull you toward the Wall of Flesh’s mouth, inflicting a whopping 50 damage per second you’re ensnared (not factoring in armor).

You also won’t be able to move or use items while grabbed, which will usually result in a quick death. The only faster death is trying to use a Mirror, Recall Potion, or other means of teleportation to get away, as the Wall of Flesh’s Horrified debuff will automatically kill you if you make the attempt. Running too far ahead of the boss has the same effect.

What to Do After Killing the Wall of Flesh

The first thing you should do after killing the Wall of Flesh is collect the loot! Loot will appear in a box of either Demonite or Crimtane bricks after defeating the Wall of Flesh, so you’ll want to have a sufficient pickaxe for breaking these materials, especially if you’re planning on fighting the Wall of Flesh again.

Terraria Wall of Flesh loot
I’ll take my loot in a to-go box please.

While there are a number of good weapons and accessories that drop for this stage of the game, the most important prize among them is the Pwnhammer, which will drop every time you defeat the Wall of Flesh. The Pwnhammer allows you to break Demon Altars and Crimson Altars, which in turn will spawn Hardmode ores throughout your world.

You’ll also see a message that says “The ancient spirits of light and dark have been released.” in the lower left of your screen, which signifies your world has entered Hardmode. A diagonal stripe of Hallow and Corruption or Crimson will appear in a V shape starting from the center of the Underworld, and any instance of these biomes will spread very quickly if left unchecked.

Tougher enemies and bosses are able to spawn from this point forward, so taking the time to acquire better gear, crafting stations, NPCs, and more powerful items will be instrumental to your success as you explore the newly unlocked potential of your world.

If you want to fight the Wall of Flesh again before checking out what your new world has to offer (usually a good plan if you want to ensure everyone playing has access to a Pwnhammer), that’s absolutely doable – but you’ll have to wait for the Guide to respawn first, and he’ll only do so during the day, like all other NPCs.

Admittedly, the waiting can be a bit of a chore, especially if you’re as excited to explore as I usually am, starting your fight with the Wall of Flesh late at night is usually a good way of getting 2 quick boss battles in, as the Guide will often have respawned by the time you’re ready to kick off the festivities for a second time.

While it is unfortunate that there isn’t another way of spawning this boss, the Guide will always come back as long as an available house is around for him, so with enough time, everyone will be able to get what they need from the Wall of Flesh, and the fights will get easier as your party gains access to the powerful weapons Hardmode has to offer.

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