Where Do You Get the Enchanted Sword in Terraria?

Terraria Enchanted Sword
It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

When I was preparing to craft my first Zenith in Terraria, I collected and hoarded all the swords that would be needed for this massive crafting project. After much exploration and working together with my friends, I had finally acquired 9 of the 10 needed to craft this awesome melee weapon.

Realizing I was just 1 sword short, I took inventory and discovered my collection was missing an Enchanted Sword. Worse still, I hadn’t seen one in the world after many hours of gameplay and had no idea where one could even be found.

Fortunately, one of the other players on the server had heard of this item, knew where to look for it, and filled me in on where you can get an Enchanted Sword in Terraria.

Enchanted Swords are found in Enchanted Sword Shrines, Gold Crates, or Titanium Crates in Terraria. The shrines appear in dirt or stone terrain within the outer 2/3 of your world’s Surface or Underground layers, and the crates can be found while fishing.

So which of these places is most likely to yield the Enchanted Sword you seek? Let’s have a look at some drop rates and find out.

What is the Best Way to Find an Enchanted Sword in Terraria?

While you can wander around underground and see if you’re lucky enough to find an Enchanted Sword as a background object, the table below presents the most reliable ways of tracking this elusive item down.

Sword LocationDrop Rate
Enchanted Sword Shrine98%*
Golden Crate2%**
Titanium Crate2%**
*The drop rate is 90% on modded versions of Terraria and 100% on the 3DS
**The Enchanted Sword only drops from Golden Crates on current gen console and desktop versions. Titanium Crates only appear in these versions in Hardmode.

If you’re already planning to do some fishing for the Angler or to find other specific items, trying to fish up an Enchanted Sword while you’re at it isn’t the worst idea. That said, the odds of fishing up a Golden or Titanium Crate are 1.33% with a Fishing Power of 100 and a Crate Potion, so I can’t recommend this route if you’re specifically searching for this item.

This means that finding an Enchanted Sword Shrine is the fastest way to reliably locate an Enchanted Sword, though tracking one down is sometimes easier said than done. While being created in the Underground layer means you won’t have to dig very far, there are a limited number of shrines generated with each world.

Small worlds will attempt to generate 1-2 Enchanted Sword Shrines, Medium worlds 1-3, and Large worlds 2-4, with each shrine having a 50% chance of being placed. Unfortunately, this means no world is guaranteed to have a shrine, except in modded worlds, where the shrine count is fixed at 1, 3, and 4, respectively.

If you’re especially unlucky, a second generated background object like a Minecart Track can also take the place of an Enchanted Sword during world setup, rendering the Enchanted Sword Shrine useless for your needs.

To find a shrine, I’ve found it’s usually easiest to generate a new world, then use a mount to travel the surface, looking for a shaft that is exactly 1 tile wide in the ground. These can lead into the top of an Enchanted Sword Shrine, which are easy to identify as they have Flower Walls, a hill with the Enchanted Sword in the background, and pools of water on both sides.

Just hit the background sword with a hammer, and you’ll usually get the Enchanted Sword, though there is a 2% chance you’ll get the Terragrim instead. While an excellent early game weapon in its own right, the irony isn’t lost on me that the shrine’s rare item is really, really unhelpful when trying to assemble your Zenith.

Terraria Enchanted Sword Shrine
It only took me 6 worlds to track this Enchanted Sword Shrine down! There used to be larger pools of water, but digging down here was thirsty work.

If you don’t mind doing a little exploring to try and find these narrow shafts below the surface, items with light particle effects such as the Jester’s Arrow, Starfury, or Solar Eruption can illuminate most blocks near where they land on the screen, making it easier to see undiscovered underground caverns and shafts.

Is the Enchanted Sword Good in Terraria?

Early on, the Enchanted Sword can be an extremely good melee weapon. 23 damage per swing (24 on old consoles and modded versions) makes it far better than any metal sword you can craft before Hardmode while requiring very minimal effort to acquire once you located an Enchanted Sword Shrine.

The fact that an Enchanted Sword also fires projectiles shouldn’t be discounted either, as good ranged weapons that don’t require ammunition are few and far between during the beginning stages of Terraria. Not having to get in the face of mobs to dispatch them is definitely helpful while trying to find Life Crystals and build up your health.

Once you reach the Underworld and are able to start mining Hellstone, however, you’ll certainly be able to forge something stronger, assuming you haven’t picked up something like the Bee Keeper or Muramasa prior to reaching this stage of exploration.

After acquiring a better sword, simply stash the Enchanted Sword in your Piggy Bank or Safe to secure it until you are ready to forge it into the Zenith. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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