My Time at Portia Resource Guide

My Time at Portia is one of my personal favorite games, especially when it comes to the farm-life sim or crafting RPG type genres. In fact, it’s one of the truly elite games out there is this groups along with Stardew Valley, Graveyard Keeper, and Coral Island.

While Portia does a lot of great things, including introducing the player to important basic mechanics very well and in a story-integrated manner, there are several important bits of gameplay information that it leaves the player to find out for themselves.

And I know from experience some of these things, especially when it comes to finding the right resources, can be very difficult.

Fortunately for players most resources in Portia respawn over time including trees, rocks, enemies in the hazardous wastes, and more!

Let’s take a deeper look at specific resources and common player questions to help you become an expert at creating a Portia workshop that is never low on supplies – no matter how active your machines are producing all the things.

my time at portia sunset
While collecting massive amounts of resources is important, it’s never a bad time to stop and enjoy a beautiful evening sky.

Do Trees Regrow in My Time at Portia?

This is a great question because I know in my early games I was both:

  1. Thrilled to have so many trees to chop down for wood and other supplies close to my workshop
  2. Afraid of how far I’d have to run for wood once I cleared out the easy nearby sources

The good news for players is that trees respawn and regrow after being cut down in My Time at Portia. Trees will start re-growing after a day or two but can take multiple in-game days to reach their full size once again.

This means that even if you clear cut all the area near your workshop, a week later you should see full sized trees appearing again. Just make sure to give them time to grow – because you can cut them down when they’re small, but you’ll get less wood and reset the clock on that process.

Where Do I Find Hardwood in Portia?

Every once in a while you might get a random drop of hardwood from a regular tree. This is rather uncommon, but it is possible. However, this is not going to be a viable long-term solution to all of your hardwood (and tree sap) needs. The good news is that there is a steady source.

The extremely thick based trees – like the ones just off to the left of the city’s entrance, those will provide hardwood when cut down but require multiple axe upgrades to be able to cut.

However, once you upgrade your work bench and get those better tools then you have the ability to get as much hardwood as you’ll ever need just by following the city walls cutting down the giant trees once a week.

My Time at Portia Hardwood tree
If you want hardwood look for the THICK trunk trees.

Where Do I Find Ironwood in Portia?

Ironwood is very uncommon early in the game, but after finishing the main plot quest to create a lift at the waterfall at Bassanio Lift Stop many of the trees up on the ridge do provide some ironwood as a resource. This is a rare resource in the early game and you need to progress pretty far into mid-game before you have consistent sources available to you.

However, once you open up a couple of new areas via main questlines you won’t have any problem finding ironwood as long as you have properly upgraded tools.

Where can you find ironwood in My Time at Portia?

  • Rare drops from hardwood trees
  • Trees north of Bassanio Lift Stop
  • Poplar trees in the desert
  • Cactus plants in the desert
My time at portia desert
Poplar trees in the desert give poplar wood and ironwood. The cacti to the left also are a consistent source of ironwood, but you must unlock the desert by unlocking South Block first.

Do Rocks Respawn in My Time at Portia?

Boulders around the city provide some incredible and important resources. Stone, sand, marble, topaz, and more can all come from these stones and that makes a

Having the larger rocks and quarry (quarry refers to any boulders outdoors) are important because these are where My Time at Portia players can find:

  • Stone
  • Sand
  • Marble
  • Topaz
  • Blood Stone
  • Copper
  • Tin

The good news for players is that you shouldn’t panic if there is a day or two without any of these in sight. Rocks do respawn in Portia, with smaller ones coming back daily while the bigger ones with more of the resources can take up to a week, but they will come back.

Rocks respawn in Portia so harvest away to your heart’s content! More will appear within a few in-game days at the latest.

mining my time at portia
As you can see on the left, there’s a reason we want those rocks to respawn in My Time at Portia.

What Are The Most Important Resources in My Time at Portia?

This is a hard question because certain resources are crucial for high-end commissions, but you just don’t need them in the early game or you don’t need them outside of certain moments. Portia is a game that rewards you for being an absolute hoarder. You will always need more of something or many somethings.

Because of this we’re going to focus on the important resources that generally always remain important and are common throughout the game. Keep in mind some (like hardwood) are crucial in early to early-mid game before falling off later just because you have so much.

The following though are the most important resources throughout the game not matter what section you find yourself in because they’re used in crafting refined products or pieces you’ll continue to need for the many jobs available.

Important Common Resources in Portia

  • Marble
  • Charcoal (because of Carbon Steel)
  • Iron
  • Cotton
  • Worn Fur/Fur

What Are The Least Important Resources in My Time at Portia?

All resources are useful at one point or another, and even unimportant resources can be sold to get those precious gols that can be so hard to stack up – at least to the level you need to buy all the available land for your workshop.

This isn’t to say these resources aren’t important – just that most of the time they become so common by mid to late game that you will never ever be in danger of running short on them.

  • Rubberfruit
  • Stone
  • Sand
  • Tree Sap
  • Hardwood (late game)

Learning to Find Resources in Portia

On of the major challenges is that certain resources can only be found from very specific places.

How Do I Find Cinnamon in My Time at Portia?

Cinnamon is pretty hard to acquire naturally before the late game, but it is possible once you know where to look. The easiest method is to simply buy it from a shop. In My Time at Portia you can buy cinnamon from Sophie’s Ranch at any time.

If you want it naturally you can find the occasional cinnamon tree in one of two places: the Western Plateau (same place on the map that has igneous rock) and some past the WOW Industrial ruins in the East.

The trees have distinctive green leaves and look like this picture:

cinnamon tree my time at portia
Behold the distinctive looking Cinnamon tree…I’m gonna go cut it down!

Cut these down and you’ll get wood, hardwood, and usually +2 cinnamon.

If that sounds like a lot of traveling and a lot of work, then Sophie’s Ranch it is!

My Time at Portia How Do You Make Purple Resin?

You don’t actually make purple resin, but it’s another rare natural material that can only be found in very specific parts of the map. You’re looking for tall birch trees since these provide purple resin when you cut them down.

These trees can be found at Eufaulu Heights, the Western Plateau, Bassanio Heights (close to the WOW Industry Ruins), and the Somber Marsh. This makes purple resin a mid-game or late-game material.

How Do You Find Animal Fat in Portia?

You would think this would be more common, but the most common options are the Poppycocks and Pinecocks that are found in the Collapsed Wastelands. These enemies drop animal fat quite often among the other loot items you get for defeating them.

Where Do You Find Hardened Clay?

Hardening clay isn’t a crafting material that you find, but you make it with a mixer. Build a mixer at your workshop and combine:

  • 2 Tempering Liquid
  • 3 Resin
  • 12 Soil

This makes a batch of hardened clay which can then be used for advanced crafting.

Where Do You Find Tempering Liquid?

In the early game it actually can be difficult to find tempering liquid in My Time at Portia, but once you open up the Collapsed Wastelands and start checking out the ruins it’s very easy to get this from the ruins or pay the Civil Corps to do it for you.

How Do I Get Flexible Fiber?

Flexible fiber is an extremely uncommon drop that can be looted as drops from elite monsters or found from clearing certain levels of Ingall’s Mines.

Don’t Forget The Civil Corps Services

I’m embarrassed to admit how many dozens and dozens of hours of gameplay I jumped into before remembering this was actually an option. In the early game those boards may seem expensive, but you’ll get to the point where having weekly shipments of worn fur, fur, cloth, and materials from the ruins like simple circuits, springs, and tempering fluid.

Spending a few thousand gols to have the Civil Corps deliver these materials en masse so I can focus on beating Higgins in the commissions standings, gathering other resources, and doing other quests is such a useful set up. Don’t forget to take advantage of this so when you suddenly need 20 waterproof cloth for a commission, you’re not stuck gathering materials for every step of the process.

Keeping the Civil Corps services in mind makes it much easier to keep all the machines for the workshop humming.

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